A Wanderlust's Guide into

Must-Watch Travel Shows

by Jace Amodo, May 03, 2019 4:00pm

Art by Dani Elevazo


A Wanderlust's Guide into Must-Watch Travel Shows

by Jace Amodo, May 03, 2019 4:00pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

So you want to feed your wanderlust, but you don't know where to start. Should you travel abroad or explore the Philippine islands first? Are you fascinated with science or legend? Or perhaps you're drawn to the weird sides of life? All these questions, yet no answers. Just as how we tend to movies for inspiration, we can also fill the gap in our travel planning through TV shows.

Here are seven docuseries you can binge before taking a trip:

The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes (2017-2019)
Presented by Piers Taylor and Caroline Quentin
Watch on: Netflix

Join architect Piers Taylor and property enthusiast Caroline Quentin as they explore a tree house married to modern architecture, a hexagonal wooden house tucked in the Swiss Alps and many more unimaginable homes around the world. Perfect for architecture and design fans, this show allows viewers to see houses beyond the traditional front of a shelter. Next time you travel, you're sure to notice the work-of-art homes.

Conan Without Borders (2018)
Presented by Conan O'Brien
Watch on: Netflix, Amazon, YouTube

What started as a segment in his late night show, streaming giant Netflix picked up Conan O’Brien’s Conan Without Borders; there's no wonder why because the show is equal parts funny and thought-provoking. You'll be treated to a journey with respect for diverse cultures and awareness of life outside your country. Plus, Conan is remarkably funny (unless his humor isn't aligned to yours).

Escape to the Continent (2014)
Presented by Alistair Appleton, Nicki Chapman, Anita Rani
Watch on: Netflix

Got your eye on France, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Austria, Cyprus, Germany, and Croatia? Escape to the Continent lets you in on a "test drive" on said countries. This show is created to help Brits find a new home and is also a perfect guide for Filipinos looking for relocation. You'll get a pearl of wisdom or two on the factors to consider when moving in a different country; Or you can enjoy watching people move from point A to point B—that works, too.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown (2013-2018)
Presented by Anthony Bourdain
Watch on: Amazon

Relive the legacy of world-renowned chef Anthony Bourdain through his food and travel show Parts Unknown, where he unravels the cultures and cuisines of lesser-known places. The show had a good run, stretching for over 12 seasons in five years in several countries. Binge in one sitting and you'll be craving for a gastronomical adventure in no time.

Dark Tourist (2018)
Presented by David Farrier
Watch on: Netflix

Dark towers and dark power, Dark Tourist is hardly a wallflower. This provocative show found its niche among other travel shows by investing in the dark history of sites around the globe, much to a dark tourism aficionado's pleasure. Whether journalist David Farrier is an excellent host to the show or not has also become a point of contention online; the only way to reach judgment is to see for yourself. Either way, Dark Tourist can instill curiosity towards a place to its viewers, which is exactly what we aim to suffice during our travels.

Our Planet (2019)
Presented by David Attenborough
Watch on: Netflix

If traveling to see, appreciate, and help Mother Nature is on top of your bucket list, then Our Planet will inspire you to do so. Learn more about the habitats of our planet and the life it supports; Because, why not? Your life is one of them.

Street Food: Asia (2019)
Created by David Gelb and Brian McGinn
Watch on: Netflix

They say the best way to get attuned to a city's culture is through its street foods. Street Food: Asia, premiered on April 26, 2019, celebrates the culture of eating outside and late night hangouts, and the unsung heroes that make it happen. From Seoul in South Korea to Delhi in India to our very own Cebu, Street Food Asia explores "dishes with heart, shaped by human stories." We have no shortage of cooking shows to watch, and yet there are some you'll find interesting just from its trailer—Street Food Asia is no exception.

Arm yourself with knowledge about the destination before you go journeying and unlock your curiosity doors through TV shows. An adventure awaits!


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