Magazines and Reads That Remind Us of Childhood

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED October 25, 2018 10:16 am

Before smartphones and tablets, we all used to have different forms and sources of entertainment. It seems hard to believe that the only screen-time we have had was from the television.

Even though the advancement of times can't be blamed, still, it’s nostalgic to remember the various reads available before. Here are some of them:

Filipino Komiks

Our Lolos, Titos, even our Tatays have probably experienced collecting or renting komiks before. These lightweight reads were popular in the 1920s’ especially the action, comedy, horror, and romance genres. Our classic Filipino superheroes like Darna, Captain Barbell, and Lastikman were the first komik characters before they were adapted in television and movies.






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Song Books

Popularly known as Song Hits, was the ultimate classroom bonding go-to read. These thin reads feature the latest songs complete with lyrics and guitar chords. And who can forget its iconic collage front cover of different artists featured inside. And if you’re lucky, it comes with a free poster of your favorite singer, too!






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If toddlers have Youtube videos to learn the 123s’ and ABCs’,  back in the day our generation and before have Abakada booklets. The booklet teaches the Tagalog alphabet and other first of the many words we have learned as a child.






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Before the quick one-minute cooking videos online, our Lola's, Tita's, and Nanay's have taken advice from the good old cookbooks. Complete with ingredients, procedure and end results we could pray Nanay have followed the instructions right (and hopefully one that looks as good in photos).






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Activity Books

Bored? Whether you have a pen or pencil (pencil preferably) you can pass time answering activity books like sudoku, crossword or word search. We used to not have virtual coins to buy hints, but the experience of actually discovering words for yourself is brain crackingly satisfying.






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Encyclopedia, Dictionary, and Thesaurus

Your set of Grolier Encyclopedia, Dictionary, and Thesaurus was once your household’s pride and joy because then, owning a set of meant your parents are onto your educational reads.






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Remember the time when writing a letter (and actually sending it!) was a normal thing? And even if we don't write letters, we admit to at least collecting a pack or two of these personality filled stationaries. 






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Printed Magazines

Remember when we had to save money or practically begged our parents to get us a subscription of our favorite magazine titles? There was always a magazine for every age group and interest, ages K-Zone for the kids, Candy for the tween girls, Cosmo for the young women, and FHM for men to name a few. We miss raving about when our favorite artists on the cover and anticipating on the magazine section of the bookstore to see if a new issue is out. Good times. Good times.






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Phone Books

When there was still no Google, Food Panda, or delivery apps, there were phonebooks—physical, heavy phone books. Also, known as white/yellow pages this thick book is filled with telephone numbers of a telco’s subscribers and of businesses organized by category.






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Also popularly known as Autographs, these question-filled notebooks were once the hype of our elementary or high school life. It was a way to make friends and perhaps know our crushes more—way before facebook and twitter.






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These printed reads may not exist as much before, still, we are a lucky generation to have read, experienced, and enjoyed the printed word before it was capsuled in our screens.



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