Get Your Desired Tattoo Styles at These Tattoo Parlors Around Manila

Shara Mae Balce
PUBLISHED October 11, 2018 05:49 pm | UPDATED October 11, 2018 05:53 pm
From left to right: Photo from Katribu Tatu and P&P Tattoo Facebook Pages

Getting inked is a prevalent form of self-expression and body art. No matter how big or small, tattoos hold significant meanings, and it is refreshing to know how today’s society has changed the view on them. And that’s evident with the tattoo shops popping all over the metro.

So, if only you’re prepared to commit to the ink,  here’s a list of shops for every desired style.

P&P Tattoo

45 Polaris St., Poblacion, Makati City

Price range: starts at Php2,000

For tiny tattoo fans, this is a go-to place for you. Many celebrities like Andi Eigenmann, Sam YG, Louise Delos Reyes, and Jake Cuenca got their tattoos here. This parlor has been recognized in the Philippine tattoo scene for its clean top-of-the-line equipment,high-clientele and renowned tattoo artists.


Dyani Lao Tattoo

Cubao Expo, Quezon City

Price range: black and gray tattoos start at Php1800, colored starts at Php2000

If you want tattoos that speak of Filipino myths and folklore, this shop located in Cubao Expo got you. It was named after its owner, Jean Perre “Dyani” Lao, whose works revolve around realism, colored, black and gray, and oriental styles.

Katribu Tatu

Santos corner San Guillermo Street, Pasig City

Price range: starts at Php2,500

As the name hints, this shop offers customized hand-tapped patterns and designs based on symbols from many Philippine tribes. The artists, Jonathan Cena and Jean Sioson, received a blessing from the oldest mambabatok (traditional tattooist) of the North, Apo Whang Od, herself to continue the inherited art of hand-tapped tattooing. The shop is strictly by appointment only.

Chronic Ink

19 F. Concepcion, Batampasig Building, San Jose, Pasig

Price range: Php1500 for black and gray, Php2000 for colored tattoos

The shop offers different styles of customized designs from small to intricate patterns to cover-up tattoos. Chronic Ink’s artists have different styles that vary to each client’s desires and needs. The shop has the cool vibes feel to it, too, complete with hip merchandise on displays and walls painted in hues of green.

Jhay Colis Tattoo

1010 Wharf Plaza, Aurora Boulevard, Project 4, Quezon City

Price range: starts at Php2000 for black and gray, Php2500 for colored tattoos

If you want to take commitment to an extra level, Jhay Colis Tattoo can easily do a portrait tattoo for you. Specializing in realism tattoo designs, Jhay Colis is joined by his fellow artist Snuff Crame who both have impressive skills in drawing intricate sketches of faces through ink and needle.

And while there are lots to choose from, it is with your due diligence where to get it done. Good luck!



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