Down Memory Lane: 9 Classic Songs That Will Spark Up Your Nationalism

Maria Romero
PUBLISHED October 9, 2018 02:28 pm | UPDATED October 9, 2018 10:16 pm
Art by Dani Elevazo.

Music has long been the saving grace of most people. Running away from the harsh reality? Listen to The Ransom Collective’s “Run”. Going through a recent heartbreak? Listen to December Avenue’s “Time To Go”. But saying that music saves lives is an understatement because it doesn’t just simply save lives; it also heals a nation. Yep, you read that right! Music is so powerful that its melodies go beyond words—promoting cultural and national identities.

Since we’re now in an era of the partisan divide, whatever color you represent, we’re sure you somehow lost at least an ounce of hope for this nation. So to rekindle that lost spark, here are some classic Pinoy Songs to fuel the fire and walk you down memory lane, too!

“Magellan” by Yoyoy Villame (1972)

This may sound comical at first but this actually is a solid 2:38 minutes travel to Magellan’s history!

“Tatsulok” by Buklod (1991)

This is a warning that sometimes, downfalls happen because instead of fighting together, we, Filipinos, fight each other.

“Kaleidoscope World” by Francis Magalona (1995)

When Francis M. sang “You can't talk peace and have a gun”, we couldn’t agree more. In all honesty, any Francis M. track could fuel your nationalistic fire! “Mga Kababayan”, “Nilamon Ng Sistema”, “Kabataan Para Sa Kinabukasan”, “Halalan” and more. All these scream heroism.

“Para Sa Masa” by Eraserheads (1997)

From the classic “Sticker Happy” album, this song is our Tito’s go-to track that nurses them, and even us, at times when we feel derailed and outcasted.

“Isang Bandila” by Rivermaya (2006)

Ahh yes, this sounds familiar as this has been the longtime opening billboard music of a certain late night news program. Despite that, this impactful song tells us that we came from the same roots and we salute the same flag so it’s important that we come as one in defending what’s ours.

“Tagumpay Nating Lahat” by Lea Salonga (2007)

“Sama-sama nating abutin pinakamatayog na bituin. At ang aking tagumpay, tagumpay ng aking lahi."
And just like that, we hope that you do your part until we all reach the top!

“Manila” by Hotdog (2008)

Oh no, don’t respond with “HA?” “HOTDOG?” because this isn’t it. This is that song we always listened from the radio when we were kids. Remember this? This is a solid declaration that indeed, “There’s no place like Manila.” (And Philippines.)

“Ako’y Isang Mabuting Pilipino” by Noel Cabangon (2009)

How would you teach the children to be a good citizen at an early age? Let them listen to this classic song by no other than Noel Cabangon. Sing it is as if singing a national hymn. It’s simple and straight to the heart.

“Ako ay Pilipino” by Kuh Ledesma (2009)

What better way to end this nostalgic list than a Kuh Ledesma’s classic that captivates optimism? “Ako ay Pilipino.” Repeat until you learn to embrace and love your beautiful nationality. “Ako ay Pilipino,” say it with conviction!

Pinoy music continues to flourish with emerging bands of different genres right now. But while we dive deeper into producing songs about love and heartbreak, we must not forget that in the simpler times, what made it to radio’s top playlists are classic songs like these! Ain't this a sweet nostalgic trip? 



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