Modern Museum Etiquette: The Do’s and Please Don’ts

Maria Romero
PUBLISHED October 1, 2018 07:37 pm | UPDATED October 8, 2018 10:05 am
Art by Dani Elevazo.

Museum hopping is a great way to drift away from the stressful reality even though museums sometimes got that reverential vibe. Break the rules and we all would be like Princess Sara scolded by Miss Minchin. But we believe that visiting museums should be a satisfying experience that everyone should always be thrilled to look forward to, no matter how many rules are there. 

Since October is National Galleries and Museum’s Month (YAY!) and we know y’all are excited to satisfy your curiosity. So we listed some etiquette to follow to make the most out of your itinerary.

Falling in line


Museums, especially those with free entrance fees, are always bundled with easy-going people. Who wouldn’t want to get a glimpse of our past for free, right? There’s going to be some waiting game. That’s for sure.

While on queue, DO make some friends! Aside from it’s one step to kill time, it’s also a way to find your new photo ops buddy and maybe new BFFs.

But PLS DON’T stage a Coup d'état should the lines take long.  

Entering the premises

Museums also have their own code of conducts. As guests, y’all read them first and follow them second. So upon getting inside,

DO your best to stay cool and intact so as not to make commotions and

PLS DON’T go around shouting or running because you’re insanely impatient to tour the place! Aside from that, PLS DO refrain from leaving your trashes in the venue.

Taking Pictures and Filming

In one way or another, we might have gone to museums only for the good photos. Hence, whenever we had the chance to sneak for photos, we all grab it. While it’s nice to document such experiences, it’s also important to keep in mind some common courtesy.

DO take good photos of the art and share it online to spread art appreciation. Tag the artist when you can, too!

DON’T take your self-portrait in the middle of the art pieces. That’s a sad distortion of the art itself.

PLS DON’T use art exhibits and artifacts as props because that’s plain rude. If you can’t get your hands off the exhibits, try these interactive museums instead.

Touring the grounds


On most cases, the first time we stepped inside a museum, there’s something that tells us to stay. But even if want to, we can’t. With only a few hours allotted to tour,

DO stay modest and quiet. If there’s a tour guide, ask polite and interesting questions if you’re so inclined to learn about history. It would also be better to silence your phone so as not to disturb other visitors.

DON’T talk too loud as if you’re the only person in the place. Don’t be that kind of visitor, kids.

PLS DON’T loiter at the museum the entire day. We’re not discouraging you to totally appreciate everything; we just don’t want you to experience museum fatigue. Yup, that’s real.

After the visit


Art appreciation must continue wherever we go. It is thus important to be intentional in extending the experience to prepare your minds on your next visit.

DO continue that conversation at home to encourage them to do the same. But PLS DON’T get mad if they can’t find the time to pay a visit. You can encourage them to follow these curated online accounts of the museums and galleries, though.

There you go Padawans, go on and explore. We also crafted this list of free museums for ya. Once you go museum hopping, do tag us in your photos using #InsideManila. We’d love to see you go places!



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