These Museums and Art Galleries Are the Most Sociable Online

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED October 1, 2018 08:27 am | UPDATED October 1, 2018 12:09 pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

The internet, social media specifically, is that influential that even the most creative tasks can now be sparked by it. We no longer need to limit ourselves by visiting art galleries or museums, look at art pieces or interpret it because one can experience it in the comforts of their homes, too.

It's a good thing our local museums and art galleries have made an effort into making their presence known online not only to attract tourists but also to connect with everyone where everyone is—on social media. Here are the buzzing accounts we found:

Ayala Museum

Ayala Museum is one of those cultural hubs that banks in the digital age, especially with their engaging Twitter presence. And aside from their active Facebook and Instagram page, you can get in-depth about art through their Ayala Museum App.






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Art in Island

Asia’s largest 3D interactive museum, Art in Island, is filled with paintings creatively done to trick the eyes and your mobile phone. Take photos as much as your heart desires (don’t forget to @ them) they might even regram your photo. Follow Art in Island on Instagram.






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Metropolitan Museum of Manila

The Metropolitan Museum of Manila’s Instagram feed is so well-curated it’s almost therapeutic, see it for yourself here.






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The Dessert Museum

If you’ve got a sweet tooth and an eye for pastels the Dessert Museum must definitely be on your follow list. Its social media pages are pretty much an eye-candy. If you like a mood board for all things sweet, bright and beautiful, follow Dessert Museum on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The Mind Museum

The Mind Museum’s Instagram page clearly shows young adults having fun too in their interactive science displays. Btw their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are as interactive!






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Pinto Art Museum

As ‘woke’ as the art we find in Pinto Art Museum, the IG-worthy Museum social media pages are also very much awake and alive, too.






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Upside Down Museum

In our book, Upside Down Museum's gravity-defying photos will never go out of style. Check out their Instagram to give you an idea of the creative poses you can do during your visit!






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Crank up that following right now and follow these local museums, be inspired, appreciate art, history, and we highly recommend to actually visit these cultural hubs and support them!



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