Pinay Makeup: Then and Now

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED September 20, 2018 09:05 am
Art by Dani Elevazo

If you think about it, there's nothing more questionable and interesting than the evolution of beauty, especially in terms of makeup. One day thin eyebrows are all the rage, then in a blink of a cat-eye, thick eyebrows are the next big beauty investment.

It's always fun to look back at how looks were served a decade ago and maybe even learn from it. Let's start this beauty nostalgia.


Before: Thin Brows

Commonly known as the "tadpole brows". It was once an acceptable beauty routine to pluck and tweeze your brows ‘til they’re thinned down to an arch.

Now: Brows of Conviction

Thick, well-trimmed, lined to perfection brows are on the spotlight. Kilay has definitely become life that salons catering specifically for brows now exist! What a turnaround.


Before: Gloss, gloss, gloss

Nothing says 90s than glossy lips. Lip Gloss is such a big thing back then that it came in different fruity flavors and fun types of packaging… Sweet? Yes. Sticky? Definitely.

Now: Matte Matters

Lipsticks in different finishing types are the trend today. Matte for those who like their lips to look fuller,velvet for those who like a soft shine for their puckers, and creams for an MLBB look. All the more reason to hoard.


Before: Green, Violet, and Pink Eyeshadows

Putting on eyeshadow wasn’t such a difficult feat before. Just dab—you don’t even have to blend—either a green, pink or purple shade on your crease and you’re ready to party.

Now: Neutrals and Subtle Glitter

Thankfully, we have evolved from this blendless way and now took the time (to the point of spending 1-hour minimum doing makeup) to incorporate everything. Also, brown colors are definitely any beauty junkees go-to color and topping it off with glitter to transform it from zero to party.


Before: Contour-less face

If western makeup before is all about “go bronze or go home” well in Filipinas, contour is nonexistent. Not looking hulas at the end of the day wasn’t a thing too. And at some point, a white-ish, powdered look was enough.

Now: Defined and Sculpted

Today, contour is a step that you can't miss when doing a full face makeup. It's to bring back color (other than blush) to the face and is targeted to give an illusion of sculpting features like the nose, cheekbones, jaw, and forehead.

Power Of Makeup

Before: Makeup to Look Presentable

If you think there's taboo in makeup, you're correct. Makeup before is purposely worn occasionally or only in offices. Certain colors can even put you in a bad light; a too fierce red is expected to be flirty women and men who wore makeup are already are shunned.

Now: Makeup to Empower

Makeup today is for everyone, everyday.Do you have a favorite ~lewk~ in the ‘00s you think is good enough for today? Let us know in the comments!



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