These Beauty Creams Are Your Tita’s Holy Grail in the '00s

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED September 18, 2018 03:17 pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

Creams were once the world's best bet to skin care. These thick, cream-colored products once claim to be the solution to brighten skin as well as eliminate discoloration, dark spots, acne scars, and put an end acne to itself.

In the Philippines, China-made beauty creams were a hit during the early 2000s. It's those times where the Nanays, Titas, and Ates religiously apply it day and night. If social media and its beauty influencers were set in the early 2000s the uber white-cast face, and the familiar packaging of these Chinese beauty creams are sure to fill our feeds. Take a look:

Oseur O Mei Su Pearl Paste

Oseur O Mei Su Pearl Paste is said to quickly and completely rid freckles, skin rashes, pimples, and blackheads. It even has two variants; green for those who have oily skin and red for those who have dry skin. Oseur O Mei Su Pearl Paste retailed for 23php.

In 2012, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned Oseur O Mei Su Pearl Paste for its "highly toxic" levels of Mercury along with 70 other products. Mercury can damage the kidney, cause skin rashes, skin discoloration and scarring. Yikes!

San-Ing Cream

San-Ing Cream, on the other hand, is a locally made product. For only 20php the product claims to prevent clogged pores and oily skin thanks to its Sulphur content that is also said to be an age-old remedy for acne.

Even so, reviews are wary of its high Sulphur content that may cause a burning sensation when under the sun.

Ly-Na Medicated Pearl Face Cream

Raved for its cheap price and brightening results, you can say Ly-Na Medicated Pearl Face Cream is the concealer and the glutathione of the 2000s. Yet, the product was shunned and eventually banned for its high Mercury content.

Mena Facial Cream

We can say this product is one of the OGs when it comes to skin lightening and removing blemishes. Yet, even though its FDA approved, most reviews don't really recommend it for further use as it does little results.

Chin Chun Su

No Filipino with a kikay Mom or Tita is a stranger to Chin Chun Su. Chin Chun Su is a nighttime facial cream said to prevent breakouts, pimples, aging and even has whitening claims. You could say this is the first BB cream before.

Chin Chun Su is still available in the market, usually in Chinese drugstores, and retails for 50php each.

These products may not be as recommended as they were before but they’re solid proof that Filipinas even the pre-millennials are beauty junkees that are always on the lookout to trying trendy beauty products.



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