Skin Deep: The Dos and Pls Don'ts For Every Skin Type

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED September 10, 2018 08:24 am
Art by Dani Elevazo

Ah, skincare, it’s probably the most indulging form of self-care there is. But there's a reason why some don't particularly divulge themselves into skincare—it's overwhelming!

One basic knowledge to get you started in caring for your skin is you need to know your skin type. This will help you determine what your skin needs and limit the chance of buying unnecessary products.

An easy step to identify your skin type is by observing it throughout the day or better yet, read these identifiers below:


Tightness, scaly patches, and flaking are identifiers of a dry skin. Like normal skin, it generally has zero pores but are more likely to develop premature wrinkles and regular irritation. Unpopular to many, dry skin is hereditary (it even has the same water content as those of an oily skin!).

Do’s: This time around, why not try face oils? Unlike moisturizers, face oils are packed with ingredients with serious hydrating properties and provides a protective barrier that locks in moisture.


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Please Don’t: Take long hot showers (5 to 10 minutes at most) as this strips the skin’s natural essential oils.


The overproduction of our skin’s natural oils is a result of genetic factors and hormonal changes. When hormones fluctuate (for both men and women) it stirs the production of sebum.

Do’s: Exfoliate at least twice a week to get rid of dead skin cells.

Please Don’t: Purchase products that contain alcohol ingredients like Isopropyl alcohol and Sodium chloride, these would cause the skin to produce more oil.


Combination skin is having two or more different skin types on a face. It may be dry on some parts and oily only on the T-zones. This is the most common skin type and because it’s a hybrid, it’s hard to identify and treat.

Do’s: You can use two different moisturizers for this skin type. Apply the heavier cream product on the dry parts of your face and the lighter moisturizer on the oily parts. Like oily skin, exfoliating is also important for combination skin; dead skin cells on the dry parts will be shed off and the clogged pores on the oilier parts can be cleared.


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Please Don’t: Neglect exfoliating and moisturizing as this helps out the areas where dryness and oiliness occurs.


The jack of all trades goes to those who have sensitive skin. Apart from having either a normal, dry, oily, combination skin type they also get redness and irritation after using certain products.

Do’s: It's better to go for gentler products with natural ingredients. Take note that you should do skin test first on a small part of your face before using it all over.

Please Don’t: Overdo the “care”. Skincare does help your skin but do remember it has its own way of naturally doing its thing. Let it breathe (even in makeup!) and take it easy. Let your bare face shine once in a while. 

Normal Skin

The skin gods have blessed those who have a normal skin type as this type has few to no imperfections at all. On top of that, they barely have visible pores and a radiant complexion to envy. It does have dryness and oiliness sometimes but barely (lucky you!).

Do’s: Since this type of skin is already in good condition, there's one thing to do—maintain it. We recommend doing gentle cleanser, skin-replenishing toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

Please Don’t: Use products with harsh chemicals like Benzoyl Peroxide and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate as this result to unnecessary redness and irritation that may affect the balance of your already-okay skin.

A little TLC here and there is important, there’s nothing to be overwhelmed about as long as you know your skin well. Taking care of your skin means you are taking care of yourself and that is a form of self love. Show love to your skin now and reap the benefits later, trust us, you won’t regret it!



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