Adulting 101: Organizing Government Requirements for That First Job

Anne Marielle Eugenio
PUBLISHED August 9, 2018 09:59 am
Art by Dani Elevazo

Congratulations for making it through college, fresh grads! Now the real battle begins. We know most of you are aiming to get a job as soon as possible, and probably some of you are already waiting for THAT call.

Let’s transform your pre-employment stress into something productive. How about we start working on your pre-employment requirements to fully pledge you into the real-world. Here’s a friendly list for you:

Birth Certificate

Where to get it: Philippine Statistics Authority Office, SM Malls, or online
What you will need: Fee (P155 for over the counter pickup and P330.00 for delivery)

Birth certificates are used for main identity and verification processes (e.g. nationality, date and place of birth etc), employers require applicants to submit their birth certificates.

A lot of government IDs require your NSO, so make sure you have an extra copy handy.

Social Security System (SSS) Number

Where to get it: In every SSS branch nearest yu
What you will need: Filled-out SSS E1 form, birth certificate (original and photocopy), valid IDs (original and photocopy)

This is one of the major pre-employment requirements as this will be vital when it comes to social insurance, retirement benefits, and healthcare for employees.

Most of the time, the queues are longer than expected in the SSS offices, so better attend to your SSS registration as early (or possibly first on your list) to save time. For more information on SSS, click here.

PhilHealth Number

Where to get it: Nearest PhilHealth office
What you will need: Two filled-out PhilHealth Member Registration form, two 1x1 ID photos, two valid IDs, other documents.

PhilHealth members are entitled to hospital discounts should you need any medical or health needs. Think of it as a protection from unexpected or unwanted hospital bills.

Pag-IBIG Fund Number

Where to get it: Online
What you will need: Filled-out Pag-IBIG form

Pag-IBIG helps employees afford house financing. This government-owned institution offers housing and short-term loans. Less hassle for those who would apply for Pag-IBIG fund as this can be done online. Just fill out the required forms and you're good to go!

Cedula/Community Tax Certificate

Where to get it: Local barangays or municipal halls
What you will need: Valid IDs, fee (price varies)

Say hello to one of the oldest identification documents in the Philippines. Cedula can be given to citizens 18 years old and above. The cedula can be used for filing income tax returns, registering a new business, or applying for a barangay clearance.

Art by Dani Elevazo

BIR Tax Identification Number (TIN)

If you got accepted in your first job, worry not about your TIN requirements. Companies usually take care of the application for first-time employees.

Barangay clearance

Where to get it: Barangay or municipal halls
What you will need: Cedula, Filled-out application form, fee (price varies)

Barangay clearance basically proves that you are indeed a good citizen of your barangay. It is also used as a requirement for other government clearance requisites like police clearance.

Police clearance

Where to get it: Local police stations
What you will need: Personal appearance, filled-out police clearance form, fee (price varies), cedula/barangay clearance

This certain clearance confirms that you are of good moral character in a certain locality. The application doesn't require much of your time, especially if lines for the applications are short.

NBI clearance

Where to get it: NBI Main Office (Manila), city halls, Robinsons Mall
What you will need: Filled-out NBI Clearance online application form, personal appearance, valid IDs, fee (P130.00)

NBI Clearance verifies that you have no criminal record in the courts of the country. Take note that you should fill up the NBI clearance form and set an appointment online first. Getting an NBI Clearance is usually a one-day process, but if you have a “hit” or namesake, it will take about 8 to 10 days before you can claim your clearance since it will undergo authentication process.

Inside Manila Tips:

1.) It’s best to come before opening times to the offices, especially those that need personal appearance. Prepare yourself for long lines.

2.) Take note that sometimes, a day is not enough to complete all of these requirements. Perhaps two or three at most.

3.) There are certain malls (SM, Robinson’s) that serve as one-stop shops for these government requirements. If there’s a mall nearby your area, do check out if they offer these services so you can save time and transportation fares.

4.) Bring anti-boredom stuff with you, and if you have a friend with the same pre-employment struggles as you do, bring him/her, too!

And that’s it! We hope you find this guide helpful and we wish you all the best in your job hunting endeavors. You got this, fam!



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