5 Ways to Level Up Your "Gandang Pulbo at Liptint’

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED August 7, 2018 03:29 pm | UPDATED August 7, 2018 03:36 pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

Going to work, school or anywhere in a full face of makeup is not a popular or wise option especially if you live in the often humid Manila or in the whole country, tbh). Much more if you commute!

It still matters to look presentable, though. And while makeup products (especially cream-based ones) tend to be cakey, a good amount of powder and a swipe of lip tint on the cheeks, lips and eyelids are every Filipinas basic beauty go-to.

Check out the beauty tricks below to upgrade your trusted “pulbo at liptint” into a head-turning blush and lip combo sans the heavy makeup feel.

'Great' In Gradient

The gradient lips trend is a known Korean beauty look which gives off an illusion of a smaller and cuter mouth. To achieve this sweet look, focus the lip tint into the inner part of the lips then blend it on the outer corners using your fingers. For a better effect, you can pat a concealer around the outer corner, too!

Gloss It Up

Applying gloss on top of your lip tint makes it more luscious and healthier. Did you know that lip glosses come in different types finishes: glittery, glossy, and metallic?

Get the most out your shiny pout by going for a lip tint with a matte finish, then apply a tinted lip gloss on top of it. We also recommend to go commando and head straight for the gloss, do make sure its a tinted one.

Line Thy Lips

Instantly give the illusion of having your life together with a perfect pout. Give it a well-defined boost by lining its outermost part. This can result in an even lip tint application and the likeness of fuller lips.


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Drunk Flush But Sober

You don’t have to commit to alcohol to sport a drunk flush. To achieve this, spread the tint on the cheek areas right under the eyes and over the nose. This look could also pass off for a sun-kissed look. With the country’s heat, you have the best excuse to go for this blush.


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Experiment With Colors

If you think lip tints only comes in basic pinks and reds, you're dead wrong. Since its rise as Filipinas beginner makeup product, various brands took lip tints to a different spectrum. Now you can have shades to match any look or mood.


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Your “gandang pulbo at lip tint” will never be the same with these tips. Which is your favorite? Let us know!



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