Heed these pieces of songwriting advice from PhilPop 2018 semi-finalists

Anne Marielle Eugenio
PUBLISHED October 30, 2018 02:43 am
PhilPop 2018 semi-finalists (Marielle Eugenio/Inside Manila)

(Inside Manila) It takes talent and guts for someone to join a prestigious songwriting competition such as PhilPop. Having to compete with hundreds of great songwriters all over the country, hoping that your composition will capture the jurors' interest, is one big risk alone.

For this year’s PhilPop, 30 entries were chosen as part of the semi-finalists. Four of them were composed by Therese Marie Villafrente and Henrick James Pestaño from Talisay, Cebu, Eamarie Gilayo and Jovit Leonerio from Davao City, Davao del Sur, Philip Arvin Jarilla from Antipolo, Rizal, and Paul Hildawa from Makati City, NCR.

As part of the competition, they like to inspire songwriters of all ages from different parts of the Philippines to showcase their talents in a larger scale. To help aspiring composers, they gave several advice for them to heed.

"Ilalagay mo 'yung emotion. Nakatisod ka ng lata, sulat mo 'yung lata. Nakakita ka ng manong, sulat mo manong," Jarilla said, stressing that one can find inspiration even from the most trivial of things.

Villafrente, on the other hand, believes that songwriters should write for themselves and what they believe to be true. For her, this is what makes a song great.

"After the songwriting, it's really a matter of listening to yourself and also listening to each other. And knowing that our different languages, our different experiences, it highlights the different similarities that we love, that we're Filipinos, we're human," Villafrente added.

Gilayo encouraged the songwriters to keep on writing for there is always room for someone who writes in the music scene.

"Sulat lang nang sulat, never stop dreaming. One day, sometimes sooner, magkakasama rin kayo ng dream niyo. And ang sarap sa feeling, it's a surreal feeling, this journey we are having with PhilPop. Just write and write. Kapag maganda, good. Kapag hindi maganda, keep on writing," Hildawa agreed.

Watch out for these inspiring songwriters and other PhilPop 2018 semi-finalists as they release their brand new music and fresh tunes! They are here to prove that OPM is not dead and it continues to prosper as the years go by.



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