Watch ‘Citizen Jake’ and

Other Local Movies Online

for FREE!

by Maria Romero, April 26, 2019 6:52pm

Art by Ahl Mirambel


Watch ‘Citizen Jake’ and Other Local Movies Online for FREE!

by Maria Romero, April 26, 2019 6:52pm
Art by Ahl Mirambel

Whenever a movie is set to release, it usually only takes three to four weeks to see it on big screens—unless the movie is a high-grossing one, we may expect it to be shown longer. Usually, it takes months or even years before movies become available again either on televisions or online.

Take for example the hit local independent film Citizen Jake by Mike de Leon which was released in May 2018 was screened for a short time only. But here’s the good news, online streaming platform giant iFlix is now streaming it for FREE!

Citizen Jake is about Jake Herrera (Atom Araullo), a 34-year-old journalist, who is in conflict when it comes to his beliefs with his political family, particularly with his father who serves as a senator of the current administration. Set in the 2015 Philippine election season, Jake struggles to expose the ills of his third world nation, but it would only affect his politician father.

From career decisions to his attempt at building a life away from home, Jake strives to prove he’s not like his father. But circumstances forced him to face his demons. This powerful film is relevant to watch today with the current crumbling state of our country’s politics and the upcoming Election day this May 13.

If you want a local film marathon with similar themes to Citizen Jake, iFlix is also streaming Mike de Leon’s latest work, Kangkungan—a video about President Rodrigo Duterte’s autocratic governance. Lamberto Avellana’s A Portrait of an Artist as Filipino is also available for free. It’s a story based on Nick Joaquin’s 1950 play about an impoverished painter before World War II in Manila.

Some newly added local films you can stream for free at iFlix are Kid Kulafu, Exes Baggage, I Love You Hater, Crazy Beautiful You, Halik Sa Hangin, Para sa Hopeless Romantic, You’re My Boss, andEx With Benefits. Local TV Series like Dolce Amore, A Love to Last, and La Luna Sangreare also available for free.

Contrary to what many believe, these streaming platforms aren’t killing cinemas because they’re complementing it. Meaning, streaming platforms aren’t exactly affecting movie-goers’ theatrical attendance.

We can only hope other online streaming platforms like iFlix pick up more of our local independent films to make it more accessible to the public. If that happens, maybe Filipinos would have a greater understanding of our culture, tradition, and current state. Because aside from written literature, films and TV series are great tools to promote nationalism and awareness about the current state of our country.


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