Actual news reports that gave birth to funny memes and trending quips

Darryl Esguerra
PUBLISHED July 13, 2018 11:37 am
(Graphics by Laila Villamor)

(Inside Manila) Most of the time, catchy memes are built on stock photos, using models who have agreed to let their images be used in many ways they might not like. But many others come from regular non-models, with some coming from clips of real news reports featuring absurd and hilarious accounts that catches netizens' wit. The latter is more prevalent in the local social media circuit nowadays, here are some of the notable ones:

“Advanced ako mag-isip”

The root of them all, and arguably the most hilarious of them as well. The jibe “Advanced ako mag-isip” can now be used to justify what you’re doing will serve you well in the future. Thanks to a call center agent named Albert Mangapit, who was busted for selling marijuana. Watch GMA’s “24 Oras” news report below to witness the “Father of all forward thinkers” demonstrate his hallucination.

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“Wala na, finished na”

Of all the news reports in this list, this one has the darkest and creepiest back story. It came from a TV 5 (now ESPN5) report of an arrested drunk man who admitted on national television that raping women is his “hobby”. He went on to say that he’s actually very lucky that during that time, December 2015, President Duterte isn’t the one in Malacañang yet. Because if so, “Wala na, finished na.”

“Ba’t ako matatakot?”

If the one before him is “afraid” of President Duterte. This one’s got some balls. This now-famous line came from a June 2016 report from GMA News TV where a drunk man was apprehended for alarm and scandal. While inside the police station, he dared the then-president elect in a “draw” (or a firefight) on national TV. He said: “Duterte, magdraw tayo. (Expletives) Magdraw tayo, bigyan mo ko ng baril walang problema… Ba’t ako matatakot!?”

“Malakas ho ‘yung Guardian Angel ko sa likod” and “Ginaya ko lang si Battousai binaliktad ‘yung talim”

This news report, meanwhile, has two distinctively funny catchphrases to complement its even funnier origin story. In a GMA News TV report, a man wielding bolo charges to another man who is apparently his “kumpare.” The man with the bolo then struck his friend who, by the shock of reporter Cesar Apolinario, didn’t even sustain any injury. When asked how it was possible, he replied: “Malakas ho ‘yung Guardian Angel ko sa likod.” In the end, the two reconciled. But not after the attacker revealed he just imitated an anime character’s reverse-blade sword, claiming “Ginaya ko lang si Battousai binaliktad ‘yung talim,” to justify how the feud transpired without blood.



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