How a Pacquiao fight unites Filipinos

Inside Manila
PUBLISHED July 12, 2018 04:01 pm
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(Inside Manila) Remember the good old days when a Pacquiao fight became synonymous to a national holiday?

The normally busy weekend would usually turn the metropolis into a virtual ghost town, with empty streets and zero traffic.

Young or old, rich or poor, Pinoys from all walks of life kept their eyes glued to their TV sets as they cheered and rallied behind their little brown hero’s every punch, hook and jab that got him closer to his winning knockout.

Every victory became a cause for nationwide cheer and jubilation, with frenzied fans taking to the streets to swap high fives and congratulatory pleasantries with virtual strangers.

It’s ironic when we realize how Pacquiao’s blazing fists of fury—high-caliber lethal weapons on their own—have become instrumental in uniting his countrymen who have always been divided by their beliefs and persuasions.

For once, Pinoys set aside their petty differences as they take pride in their Filipino heritage  and rekindle their patriotic fervor. Never in Philippine sports history has any local athlete triggered such pervasive hysteria, aptly dubbed by some quarters as Pacmania.

With his latest Fight of Champions match with Argentinian fighter Lucas Matthysse merely days away, netizens are wondering: will the People’s Champ be able to once more unify his people to rally behind him, reclaim his belt, and wave the Philippine flag proudly once again in the global boxing circuit?

Catch the Pacquiao-Matthysse “Fight of Champions” bout live from the Axiata Arena in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on July 15 via GMA-7, ABS-CBN, ESPN-5, Cignal TV, and Sky Cable.

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Axiata Arena gets ready for Pacquiao-Matthysse fight

(Inside Manila) The much-awaited super match between People's Champ Manny Pacquiao and Argentinian fighter Lucas Matthysse is all set on July 15 and it only deserves one of the best sports facilities in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.