Anne Curtis wants to prove women can pull off lead role in action films

Anne Marielle Eugenio
PUBLISHED July 11, 2018 03:15 pm
Shara Balce/Inside Manila

(Inside Manila) For the first time in the 21 years of her showbiz career, Anne Curtis took on being the lead actress of an action-packed movie and it is certainly the hardest role she has ever done.

The 33-year-old actress stars in Erik Matti's "BuyBust" as a PDEA officer who raids a drug den along with her troop mates. Soon after, they found themselves being trapped in the slums, hunted down by drug dealers.

While Anne knew that the role was physically demanding, she did not want to let go of the project when it was pitched to her.

"The moment it was pitched to me over the phone by direk Erik Matti, the moment na binanggit sa akin ni Boss Vincent [del Rosario] 'yung concept, I was so inspired and I'm always saying this. I'm so hungry for a role and a film like this,” she said during the "BuyBust" Grand Press Conference on Tuesday, July 10.

Shooting the hardest scene in 'BuyBust'

However, the training and shooting were not easy tasks. Anne said it was physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging.

She added that almost all the stunts were death-defying but nothing tops the scene that took them five days to rehearse and three days to shoot.

It was a continuous shot that required a single camera that four cameramen had to pass on to one another as the scene goes on.

"So galing ako sa baba, aakyat ako ng bubong, baba ako sa bubong. Makikipag-away ako sa bubong, aakyat ulit ako sa bubong hanggang malaglag ako sa bubong. And one take yun. It took us 57 takes to get it right in a span of three days bago namin nakuha yung eksena. First day po na ginawa namin ‘to, nasuka ako sa hirap," Anne recalled.

Proving that women can star in action films

Despite the shoot's difficulty, she refused to give up as she wanted to show her fellow Filipinos that even women can take on these kinds of roles.

"Gusto kong patunayan dito sa pelikulang 'to na kaya ng female lead gumawa ng action film. Yan ang gusto kong patunayan because all action films in our country were heavily, if not for superheroes like ‘Darna’, mga ganun, it's all usually male leads so gusto kong patunayan dito na kaya din naming mga babae gumawa ng aksyon na pelikula," she said.

Anne admitted frustration in every failed attempt to finish a scene but she refused to give up. She wanted to prove that she can do what male leads can do.

"Sana this opens doors for a lot of actresses out there na, alam niyo yun, kaya niyo rin. It's already a trend in Hollywood. So why not start in the Philippines," she said.

“BuyBust” will be shown in theaters on August 1.



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