All for more sustainable future: Coffee giant Starbucks is taking the initial step in ditching plastic straws

Maria Romero
PUBLISHED July 11, 2018 08:24 am
Photo from Starbucks

(Inside Manila) As the hip saying goes, green is the new black because finally, environmentalism trend has reached the shores of all generations in repsonse to Mother Nature’s obvious screams. In this day and age, metal straws, eco-bags, and tumblers are three of the essential things in a millennial’s go-to kit. Although a bit late, concerned conglomerates and consumers are now taking all the necessary steps in achieving a plastic-free environment.

On Monday, one of the leaders in the coffee industry Starbucks Coffee has announced that its 28,000 stores are going to fully eliminate plastic straws by 2020 in pursuance of fashioning a more sustainable future.

Starbucks will automatically use the ecological sipping lids for cold drinks, but for ice-mixed coffees, they will offer compostable paper straws made from fermented plant starch.

The idea has already been road tested in some of the stores in United States (US) and Canada where plastic straws were replaced by recyclable lids with small raised opening allowing consumers to sip their drinks conveniently. These said lids are also made of plastics but with polypropylene content that can be generally recycled.

In US alone, 500 billion straws are thrown away each day. Starbucks’ meaningful gesture that sets example of the significant role the giant companies are playing in stanching the surge of plastic straws, according to their estimate, will lessen billions of squandered straws yearly.

2020 may be a little too far to see actual effects of this project but let us have high hopes for its success so that other well-established corporations will follow suit. While continuously making money, we hope other business firms will also start their ventures in pioneering development plans to help save the planet.

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