Sex addiction is now considered as a mental health illness, says WHO

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED July 10, 2018 03:21 pm | UPDATED July 10, 2018 03:21 pm
Photo from Couples and Sexual Health Research Laboratory/Website

(Inside Manila) A few weeks after the World Health Organization (WHO) lists gaming addiction as a mental health illness, and re-categorizing transgenderism from the list, now, the organization declares compulsive sexual behavior disorder commonly known as sex addiction is categorized a mental health disorder.

WHO describes compulsive sexual behavior disorder as a “persistent pattern of failure to control intense, repetitive sexual impulses or urges resulting in a repetitive sexual behavior,". The symptoms include sex being the "central focus" of the person's life that matters outside the sheets are being neglected like health, personal care, interests, and/or responsibilities.

It also states that a person must be suffering from the disorder for at least six months or more. The behavior must also have caused distress in the person's life.

Dr. Valerie Voon, from the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said that it’s a good move from the organization as it recognizes that the behavior is an actual disorder that needed professional help. As often the disorder is often "shameful" making it more difficult for sex addicts to actually seek help.

“Adding this to the WHO list is an excellent step for patients as it allows them to recognize that they are suffering with a problem — it takes it out of the shadows and they are able to seek help for it,"



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