LOOK: This artist styles beloved TV characters in streetwear look

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED July 10, 2018 02:01 pm
Photo by @drawmelike_/Instagram

(Inside Manila) Hello Kitty in Adidas? Sailor Moon in Nike?

Growing up watching a cartoon television series is one of the many childhood memories every millennial has in common. There's no doubt, these iconic characters had once had a special place in a child's imaginative mind. Today, all grown up and "adulting", not so.

However, one artist made these nostalgic characters a stylish transformation—streetwear style.

In a recent article by Hypebae. It featured a Vancouver-based artist named Esther Park who is behind the viral Instagram account @drawmelike_ that interprets beloved cartoon characters in streetwear fashion.

The Instagram account now only has a few posts featuring characters from "Arthur", "Hello Kitty", "The Peanuts" and even the sailor soldiers from "Sailor Moon" which garnered a lot of attention.

Take a look below at several of these cartoon characters in streetwear!


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In this photo, Snoopy takes a fashionable turn as the famous cartoon dog as he is dressed in a red bucket hat and black printed tee. The look is completed with his black eyeglasses. Woodstock, on the other hand, already sports a complete look even if he's only in black and white goggles.


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It’s an obvious change for Hello Kitty, from her all pink getup to this black and white color scheme of her tracksuit and running shoes.


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The leader of the Sailor Soldiers just got a modern transformation. In this photo, Sailor Moon wears red and white shoes, black cargo pants, white top paired with red cargo jacket.

Are you for this trendy transformation? Or are these characters perfect the way they are? Let us know!



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