In case you didn't know: Map apps can also guide you indoors

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED June 29, 2018 02:28 pm
Photo from @lespacetours/Instagram

(Inside Manila) Map apps have always been a big convenience to those who want to get around a new area and a breath of relief to those who are simply lost. Since its existence, these navigational apps have been an expert on streets, corners and every nook and cranny outside but did you know they can also function indoors?

Google Maps is one of the few map apps that can track and lead the way even if it's indoors. However, the function is a limited feature and is only available in specific countries, one of which is the Philippines.

In an article in The New York Times, it explained how US GPS can transmit signal even if indoors, which can be the case why it’s possible here in the country:

"The United States Global Positioning System (GPS) currently uses a system of 31 operational satellites transmitting radio signals to receivers on the ground. Once the GPS device on the ground receives signals from four or more satellites, it can use geometry to calculate its three-dimensional position on the earth’s surface,"

Besides Google Maps, Apple and Bing Maps have also fairy accurate indoor map function in popular public places; malls, parks, government institution, schools, etc.

However, not all maps are as thorough and as interactive. In the Philippines' case, the direction in an indoor map is static floor plans with the locations scattered around.

An indoor map of Mall of Asia/Photo from PHMapper2000

An indoor map of SM City Dasmariñas/Photo from PHMapper2000

What can you do?

According to Google, users can help the map app be better by both submitting floor plans of the place and updating it every now and then. Follow this link for more information.



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