Beauty and Fashion

Travel-Friendly Makeup Products Perfect

for Your Summer Getaway

by Sherry Tadeja, April 25, 2019 2:10pm

Travel Friendly Local Products!

Beauty and Fashion

Travel-Friendly Makeup Products Perfect for Your Summer Getaway

by Sherry Tadeja, April 25, 2019 2:10pm
Travel Friendly Local Products!

Appropriating your makeup choices for the summer heat can be stressful given the packing of clothing and swimsuit options—especially if you want to level up your IG summer feed.

The answer to this dilemma is to have travel-friendly (and outdoor friendly) makeup products. Lucky you, we got a list of local products you can fit inside your beauty pouch, channel your less hulas inner sun-kissed goddess with these beach-appropriate products:

Tinted Sunscreen

Sunscreen is your number one tool in battling the heat. Belo SunExpert's Tinted Facial Sunscreen is your two-in-one base. It works like a BB Cream, with light to medium coverage, and is packed with sunscreen properties (SPF 50) to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful agents. It comes in a travel-friendly, easy to handle, and spill-free package. What more could you ask for in a base?

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Cheek Tint

A multipurpose makeup product is always a good choice—not only does it save you space in your kikay kit, but it also saves you money and time. Colourette's Coloursnap is an excellent example of a multi-way-makeup. It can be applied for the cheeks, lips, and eyes. We recommend the shade Golden for a dewy sun-kissed glow.

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Face Powder

Keep your face oils at bay when you’re by the bay with a face powder. Lock in your base to keep it from fading faster under the heat of the sun. Pink Sugar's Dual Finish Face Powder has photochromatic pigments meaning it changes color when exposed to direct sunlight; giving off a seamless, natural-looking finish when under natural lighting.

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Eyebrow Set

Kilay is life for any season. Always have a retractable eyebrow product ready for hassle-free touch-ups, and never forget to lock it in place with an eyebrow gel. Sunnies Face's Lifebrow Duo is the brow combo of your dreams; draw and define your brows with their Lifebrow Skinny Pencil then waterproof it with the Lifebrow Setting Gel. You don’t want to be archless after a dip, right?

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Compact Highlighter

Highlighters are a good choice to show-off your bright, bronzed skin this season. Happy Skin has got your summer glow covered with its highlighter pen. Yes, I Dew! Fresh Glow Highlighter is a pen illuminator with a pearl-like finish for a natural glow. Other than being travel-friendly, its pen-style tip can let you easily direct where you’d want to glow the most.

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Lip Balm

If you have products to keep your face moisturized, your lips need TLC too! A lip balm is an answer to chappy situations. And since you're also serving looks, why not try tinted ones? Human Nature's Tinted Lip Balm is your quick lip fix anywhere. This product contains natural ingredients like cocoa butter, beeswax, and all-natural plant oils to hydrate your puckers keeping it healthier.

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Face Mist

A Face Mist is a product that hydrates your face and locks in moisture so you won’t end up hulas faster than expected. Ellana Mineral Cosmetics’ Stay Fresh Setting Spray can be your face mist and more. A primer, setting spray, facial mist, and skin care all in one—a  true beauty and travel bag must-have.

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Bringing these products along is not about looking good but helping your skin, so it stays fresh and protected throughout the heat. The humid weather can do a lot of damage on the skin, especially on the face, so it’s best to give it a helping hand. Don’t forget to pack the other essentials with you.


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