#BurgerxPizza: Shakey’s Philippines turns your two classic favorites into one!

Inside Manila
PUBLISHED June 25, 2018 08:41 am
Photos from Shakey's Philippines/Press Release

(InsideManila) Cheeseburger or Pizza?

Have you ever been caught with a tough decision choosing between the two? Worry no more! No need to pick one over the other in your next eat out as Shakey’s now offers Angus Burger Pizza, an all-in-one combination of the two classic favorites.

Tasting the mouthwatering and a hefty fine Angus beef patty over the Shakey’s signature pizza, covered with generous cheese slices and freshest toppings—tomatoes, onions, and lettuce—is a new #BurgerxPizza experience you should not dare to miss.

Bet this new Pizza-Mazing offer of Shakey’s will surely make your bonding with families and barkadas even better. It is like having the best of both worlds!

“The Angus Burger Pizza is really a product concept that we have been working on for several years”, says Mr. Vic Gregorio, Shakey’s President and CEO, while, “we have made some attempts in the past, we also felt that it was not wowing enough. The idea that people would love to see a combination of a burger and a pizza, two products most people love, we believe would be a game changer and a great idea for the family. Therefore, creating more vaues for the brand and making the guests aware that Shakey’s will always find a way to wow them.”

Coming in with the arrival of the new product is the introduction of Shakey’s Philippines new endorser: Luis Manzano’s current real-life sweetheart, Ms. Jessy Mendiola, a self-confessed burger and pizza lover.

Try this one-of-a-kind Angus Burger Pizza with your family and friends on your nearest Shakey’s store now or call their hotline 77-777 to enjoy this at home.



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