LOOK: Indoor places you can visit this rainy season

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED June 13, 2018 03:40 pm
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(Inside Manila) Filipinos already have a conclusion that when it pours it can only mean two things: (1) It's bound to spoil the fun and (2) the activity might not push through at all. However, rain doesn't have to be a complete bummer because it’s the chance you need to try out fun indoor activities that are as enjoying as the activities outdoors—maybe even better.

Take a look at Inside Manila's suggestions below:

Visit museums

The safest (and driest) place you can be this season is indoors. Luckily, local museums are one of them. So why not give the arts, culture, and history hubs a visit?

The Ayala Museum, Metropolitan Museum, National Planetarium, Museo Pambata, Yuchengco Museum, and the recently opened National Museum of Natural History are some of the known museums around Manila. Safe, dry and open for all! The last museum mentioned is free admission.


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Watch independent films in local cinema houses

Watching a good ole movie is perfect this season. But why not spend it dry and in a good setting? Local cinema houses are a trend today as the Filipino independent film scene flourishes with millennials taking interest in films that portray the untold reality. Cinema Centenario (CC) is one and is reported to host LGBTQ-themed movies this "Pride Month".


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Sign up for extreme (indoor) activities

The rainy season can also be a perfect climate to try out safe and dry slight extreme sports like indoor rock climbing. There are even these hubs around Manila that are made for kids too!


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Try out a hot-spring swim

Taking a dip in this cold and wet season is not impossible either. The province of Pansol, Laguna is known to be the "Hot Spring Capital" of the country as pools of hot spring resorts both private and public flock the area. From the budget-friendly ones to the high-end the province offers. 


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Museum-Hopping? Here Are Your 8 Essentials

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