Sofia Andres admits declining projects to take month-long break from spotlight

Anne Marielle Eugenio
PUBLISHED June 13, 2018 03:56 pm

(Inside Manila) Following the announcement that she is now seeing a therapist because of her anxiety, Sofia Andres now takes a break from the screen to focus on "loving herself".

In a series of tweets, the young Kapamilya actress shared how her struggles make her lose focus and she is now trying her best to get back up in the game.

"Okay so I think many of you are looking for me on screen. I have decided to lie low for a month. It's good to be focusing and loving yourself when you know you are slowly losing yourself from pushing it too hard. I learned a lot of things: To appreciate more, to be more positive," she wrote.

Sofia also revealed that she is declining the offers because she knows she is not ready yet to accept them.

"I have declined blessings that was offered to me because I think I am not ready yet, I'm not ready yet but hopefully soon. I'm really trying my best. Thank you for those who have been so supportive and for those who never give up with their anxiety," she added.

It can be recalled that Sofia was part of the ABS-CBN fantaserye "Bagani" until her character, Mayari, was killed in the show, resulting in a sudden exit.

Despite her anxiety, Sofia remains positive and shares she can't wait for "the time to love again".

"I can't wait for the time to love again, to love something, to love someone without worrying and without overthinking. I wish I could stop everything all the negative thoughts but we are not our anxiety. We are strong, we are fine," she said.



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