20 Independence Day tweets that are guaranteed to make you LOL

Jace Amodo
PUBLISHED June 13, 2018 03:54 pm | UPDATED June 13, 2018 04:35 pm
A still from “Heneral Luna” film/Facebook

(Inside Manila) In celebration of the 120th anniversary of Philippine Independence, the Department of Transportation offered free rides to the Filipino riding public, the Philippine Postal Corp. released a set of limited edition commemorative stamps, and several museums opened their doors to museum patrons. Meanwhile, the talk of the Twitterverse was, as expected, #RP612fic tweets.

The hashtag, which translates to “Republic of the Philippines June 12 fiction,” is widely used among netizens on micro-blogging site Twitter to observe Philippine Independence Day with a hint of humor, coupled with pop-culture and political references. Last year’s set gave as good laughs but from what we’ve seen for the past eight years, this tweet-length flash fiction keeps getting better and better.

With a lot going on in the country (mostly in political and socio-economic aspects), there seems to be no shortage of ideas for a well-put alternative history storytelling—thus, choosing the best ones was quite the quandary. A few chuckles and loud hearty laughter after, we’ve listed the most LOL-worthy #RP612fic tweets. (Note: we’ve excluded #RP612fic that were already posted from the past years. C’mon, it’s 2018!)

Starting off with the classic “rare” photos/footages.

These plain killer captions.

Our One True Love: Pop Culture mashups.

Even Angkas and Netflix Philippines jumped in on the fad.



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