What happened to designer Kate Spade confirms that those who suffer mental illnesses need help

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED June 7, 2018 11:11 am

(Inside Manila) The death of designer Kate Spade, who was found dead in her New York apartment by apparent suicide, was a shock to the world more so after her sister revealed that she suffered mental illness for years.


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In a report by The Kansas City Star, Spade's older sister Reta Saffo told that the 55-year-old star designer tried to seek treatment via hospitalization but backed out at the last minute.

Reta concluded that Spade's highly recognized bag brand, "Kate Spade New York"—the stress, pressure, and expectation—contributed to the designer's demise.


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Ironically, the handbag brand is popular on women for its bright colors and fun prints. A sad opposite of the brains behind it, an image Spade had to keep as she is her brand.


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This is not the first for big names in the industry succumbing to mental illnesses; American actor Robin Williams, Linkin' Park frontman Chester Bennington, K-POP idol Jonghyun. All had to keep up with an image they are known for, maintain it and yet remain on the positive light.

A report by Huffington Post reveals a possible habit of people with concealed depression, which includes intentionally trying to be happy and upbeat, trying to conquer their own personal "demons", finding purpose in life and subtly reaching out for help.

An article by the Learning Mind, it unmasked a mental illness called "Smiling Depression" where a person pretends to smile because the society expects certain positivity and not the ugly but truthful despair.

What can you do?

Both reports have one thing in common—those who suffer mental illness need love, acceptance and understanding. Because, in a world where sadness and unhappiness are discouraged, it’s alright to not keep up with it and not be happy all the time.

Inside Manila has also listed things you can do to lend a hand the “right way” to a friend suffering from mental illnesses such as depression.



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