Get Pumped up With

Inside Manila’s Feel-Good “Pampabilis

Ng Lakad” Playlist

by Jace Amodo, April 22, 2019 3:15pm

Art by Dani Elevazo


Get Pumped up With Inside Manila’s Feel-Good “Pampabilis Ng Lakad” Playlist

by Jace Amodo, April 22, 2019 3:15pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

The inevitable woes of commuting are something we Manillennials will just have to go through, if not a plea to lawmakers who do so little for the country. Being the resourceful people we are, we tend to things that let us temporarily escape from reality and get us through the day such as music.

Once we put our earphones or headphones on, we're set in our worlds. Some songs make us wallow in sadness, and some make us feel good. Calm sounds are perfect for strolls and upbeat tunes are for jogging. But what if we want to walk fast in this city?

Keep your ears open, hustler. Inside Manila picks out some of their go-to songs to go get that bread.


"Can't Kick Up the Roots and Gold Steps are two of my favorite songs to listen to when walking, especially in the morning going to work. Not only are they upbeat, but they're also the same songs that remind me to stand above my demons and pick up myself to be right on track for a better end. Trying to get a grip of life far from home is kinda hard but these two songs (actually the entire album—Life's Not Out To Get You) help get through tough times."

- Maria Romero, Writer

"Jesse McCartney's Better With You is my jam. When Jesse sings 'Wherever you are, it's never as dark, Whenever I start slipping, you make all the difference,' my mood becomes great and I feel upbeat. It sets my mood for an energetic stroll, especially when I'm going to work."

- Anne Marielle Eugenio, Writer

"Hit It by American Authors, Runnin' by David Dallas, and Dreaming by Smallpools. These are top three of my favorite hits from the FIFA '14 OST (best FIFA OST ever, imo). They’re all upbeat, they give off instant positive vibes, and set the walking pace just right—most especially because it also makes me remember the high points of football fandom."

- Erika Lagunzad, Managing Editor

"I don't always listen to a certain song when I walk but when I do, it's Love on Top by Beyonce and Another One Bites the Dust by Queen. Beyonce's is the one I listen to if I want to walk fast and still have a good time. And Queen's if I want to arrive at the office fast and fierce. It sets the mood right for me!"

- Sherry Tadeja, Writer

"I walk fast, they say, even without listening to any songs, but it feels like my walking speed increases when I listen to songs [laughs]. One of my favorites is Hit Me by Mobb Mino x Bobby. I don't understand the lyrics though—it's a Korean hit—but it really keeps me motivated going to work. Lasso by Phoenix and Na Na Na by My Chemical Romance also gets me hyped up and ready for a long workday."

- Shara Balce, Writer

"My list is too long to mention but All Star by Smash Mouth has always been a constant. Nobody knew a legend will be born when DreamWorks Animation Studio released Shrek in 2001, and the song was such an epic way to introduce a character. The film's soundtrack holds a special place in my heart, especially this song. Although I'm aware that the song has a deeper meaning than we give it credit for, it's still a feel-good song, making me want to get tomorrow's bread in advance."

- Jace Amodo, Senior Writer

"The songs I listen to while walking usually is ever changing depending on my mood or how many times I've already listened to it. Lately, I enjoy listening to Child Please by Tierra Whack because it simply makes me feel like I'm in a music video and everything slows down around me as I pretend to word out the lyrics while looking at the imaginary camera in my head. Or The Way You Used to Love Me by Diamond Cafe because it makes you feel you're in the 80s walking down the city at night. It's fun and a form of de-stressing from the humdrum of everyday routine."

- Allen Mirambel, Graphic Artist

"I listen to Re: Re: by Asia Kung-Fu Generation whenever I want to walk fast. When you hear it, hopefully, you'll understand why [laughs]. Currently, I'm overplaying the first three tracks of Justice's Woman Worldwide Album, Safe and Sound, D.A.N.C.E., and Canon x Love S.O.S. Also, I Will Possess Your Heart by Death Cab for Cutie is another song I like listening to while walking. The intro alone makes the walk bearable. Disclaimer: I mainly care about the beat of the song, not so much on the lyrics."

- Dani Elevazo, Senior Graphic Artist

“I like to listen to The Ting Ting’sfirst album We Started Nothing during the early rush hours because of their upbeat, funk-disco strut songs: That’s Not My Name, Fruit Machine, and We Walk. The whole album has an empowering “the world is your runway” vibe I like to start my mornings with and get pumped for work.”

- Pearl Bacasmas, Editor-in-Chief

What's your ultimate "pampabilis ng lakad" song? Share it with us using the hashtag #InsideManila. Stream the full playlist here:


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