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Things People Living, Working

in Manila Miss Most

About Their Hometowns

by Shara Mae Balce, April 22, 2019 5:00pm

Art by Allen Mirambel

Vox Pop

Things People Living, Working in Manila Miss Most About Their Hometowns

by Shara Mae Balce, April 22, 2019 5:00pm
Art by Allen Mirambel

Working in a big city like Manila is always challenging, especially for those who were not born and raised in this city. The traffic jam, commute struggles, steep expenses—all these make one miss the simple and quiet life the rural area offers. But Manila is also a place of dreams and opportunities, making the everyday sacrifices worth it somehow.

It helps to know you’re not alone on times when missing home hits the most. So, we asked a few people who are working in Manila about the things that they miss in their hometowns—their answers will make you want to book a trip home asap.

Hindi ko afford mag-uwian because that's exhausting! Namimiss ko sa Batangas, of course, my family—‘yung ingay sa bahay namin lalo na kapag weekends at walang pasok mga pamangkin ko. The home-cooked food, I miss that too. Sobrang sawa na ‘ko sa mga instant/fast food here sa Manila. Iba pa rin ‘yung lutong bahay. I miss having my privacy kasi room-sharing dito madalas, ‘di ba? Also, I miss my dog. Dami kong nami-miss pero I'm doing this for them din naman. Kailangan mo mag-sacrifice para may ma-achieve kang maganda. Sadly, time with people I love ‘yung na-sacrifice ko. That's why kapag may chance, umuuwi talaga ako to spend time with them.

- Roselle, 23, from Batangas, living in the Metro for a year

“I miss how good beaches or mountain tops are just an hour away and, of course, going home to my family. I've never really realized how "chill" my hometown (Cebu) is compared to Manila, and I mean that in a good way. Manila is always busy, it's not normal to not be tired every day—but there is so much opportunity and growth here, professionally speaking, especially for anyone who is in the media industry.

- Erika, 26, from Cebu, two years in Manila

Isa lang namiss ko sa bahay namin: katahimikan, something na never ko nakuha dito sa city.”

- Maria, 21, from Mindoro, fours years in Manila

“I miss the calm surroundings in my hometown and the familiar faces when you go out—life in Manila is fast-paced, same with people you meet along the way. My realizations? You’ll get used to it. Manila has so much to offer as long as you are willing to take them. And one way or another, you’ll still miss home wherever you go.”

- Kristine, 24, from Cavite, eight years in Manila

Nami-miss ko ‘yung maraming punoat ma-aliwalas na ambiance, pati na rin ‘yung mala-lawak na kalsada. ‘Yung kahit gabi, kahitnaka-park sa kalsada 'yung mga sasakyan, you know na safe kahit papaano compared sa Manila. Saka ‘di ka magugutom, mag-ikot ka lang kasi ang daming iba’t ibang puno na maraming bunga.”

- Jay, 25, from Rizal, three years in Manila

Sa Laguna kasi may kalamigan pa rin kahit malapit na ang summer. Sa Manila, kahit December na may kainitan pa rin. Hindi na-offer ng Manila sa ‘kin yung maaliwalas na environment, 'yung ang ingay lang ay pagaspas ng puno kapag humahangin pati 'yung mga kuliglig. Minsan, 'yung ingay rin ng mga batang malayang nagkakapaglaro sa labas nakaka-miss din. Lalo na siyempre 'yung luto ng nanay at tatay ko.”

- Yna, 22, from Laguna, three years in Manila

‘Yung luto ni Mama talaga ‘yung pinaka-nami-miss ko pati ‘yung pagbu-bunganga niya. Noong lumuwas ako here sa Manila from Mindoro, I learned to make decisions and face new responsibilities on my own, handle tough situations, and cope up with failures. I now have the ability to budget and save money. Here, I can go home (dorm) anytime I want—it’s an absolute freedom [laughs].”

- Abi, 27, from Mindoro, six years in Manila

Living independently in the city is not always easy, TBH. These people learned the twist and turn of Manila and accepted the challenges as part of their growth. But at the end of the day, no matter where you stay, home is a state of mind. If you are on the same page, share with us the things that you miss most about home, too.


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