LOOK: This Pinoy traveled to Taiwan and did a 'Meteor Garden'-inspired trip!

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED May 29, 2018 04:27 pm | UPDATED May 30, 2018 10:16 am
Photo from Ash Cruz/Facebook

(Inside Manila) The release of the official trailer for the latest remake of beloved Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden had all Filipino fans hyped up. Although it isn't set to air anytime soon, the Meteor Garden fever is definitely on!

Aptly enough, a Facebook post has gone viral because of this fever. A Filipino traveled to Taiwan and visited the National Chung Cheng University which all Filipinos only know as the Yingde University and relive some of the iconic scenes from the first Asiannovela.

The viral post is made by Ash Cruz, in a separate post, he explained that he only decided to visit the university after he heard "Ask For More" by F4 as the plane lands in Taiwan.

"My real plan is just to go and tour places from different parts of Taipei only," wrote Ash.

The trip to the university is not a piece of cake, though. According to Cruz, from Taipei he spent a roundtrip travel of 12 hours to the Southern part of Taiwan, Chiayi, where the university is at.

However, he reassured that it's worth it because of the beauty of the school.

"Sobrang sulit ng byahe pag nakita nyo kung gaano kaganda yung school,"

But more importantly, below are some of the show's iconic scenes and how this Pinoy relive it!

We all know for a certain that this netizen took one for all the Filipino fans of the show!



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