Here's how travel selfies can kill this marine creature

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED May 24, 2018 07:29 pm | UPDATED May 24, 2018 03:40 pm
Photo from @pathos_amore/Instagram

(Inside Manila) Who wouldn't resist a good old "selfie" when out of town or country, in a beautiful scenery, or just by the beach? Moreover, what would make a good selfie "Instagram-worthy" if not posing at the right spot or holding a real good "thing" from the place to seal the deal.

Like how international travels affects the environment those travel selfies are also causing damage to the marine inhabitants—a great example are the adorable starfishes.

These sea stars are indeed beautiful but lifting them out of the water can actually kill them by asphyxia.

According to an article by Science Line, starfishes have to stay fairly wet. They breathe the oxygen in the water through the gills on their underside

This is supported in another article by Dragon De Luz, when starfishes are lifted out of the water their breathing process is interrupted which is through an exchange of gasses. If the exchange is not performed they suffer poisoning of dioxide or carbon dioxide.

Moreover, finding a starfish on a rock and ripping it off from its position can cause unnecessary damage to its tube feet.

Even if most species of starfishes can be out of the water for a short time without being harmed; chances are they still will end up dying if out of the water. 

Today, doing a selfie on trips is a trend that no one would want to miss. But maybe for these creatures, it’s time to take selfies out of the picture. Better yet, take a photo of these beautiful sea stars in their natural habitat.



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