LOOK: This is Manila Bay before it was a trash bin

Darryl Esguerra
PUBLISHED May 24, 2018 12:07 pm

(Inside Manila) Putting aside the picturesque sunset view, what’s the most likely you will see in Manila Bay today? It would definitely be the endless piles of trash along its once pristine waters.

Inside Manila File Photo/Kim Bryan De Luna

Its coastline along Roxas Boulevard is as filthy as an unflushed toilet bowl, environmental lawyer and Ramon Magsaysay laureate Antonio Oposa said in a Senate inquiry on the rehabilitation of Manila Bay last Monday, May 21.

Atty. Oposa added that its bacteria level is way beyond the acceptable level for bodies of water to be safe for swimming.

Manila Bay is one of the most important bodies of water in the Philippines because of its historical, cultural and economic value. It has both local and international ports and has been the seat of socio-economic development since pre-Hispanic times.

With the continuous increase in population and industrialization, the bay is now facing several issues arising from its resources, the continued decline in the quality of the bay (water and sediment), and the rapid deterioration of marine habitats found in the area, which are all attributed to the ghastly amount of waste floating in it.

But believe it or not, during its glory days, Manila Bay’s waters used to be clear and clean enough to swim on without the fear of contracting infectious diseases. Just look at these old photos of Manila Bay:





Those are people swimming along the CCP Complex.


That isn't Miami, Florida. That's Roxas Boulevard before!

Photos courtesy of Memories of Old Manila Facebook Group



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