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Women Reveal Their First

Brazilian Waxing Experience

by Shara Mae Balce, April 18, 2019 10:15am

Art by Allen Mirambel

Vox Pop

Women Reveal Their First Brazilian Waxing Experience

by Shara Mae Balce, April 18, 2019 10:15am
Art by Allen Mirambel

While all body hair is natural, some women opt to remove it through shaving or waxing. It’s often painful to begin with, though some women still dare to go completely bare—not only to feel fresh and clean but to be more comfortable with their body.

If you’re planning to go bare down south, you might consider these first-time stories from women who brave the waxing experience:

Magbi-beach kami no’n, so gusto ko clean look kaya nagpa-brazilian wax ako. First time ko nagpa-wax kaya medyo awkward. Bawat pull ni ate noong waxing strips napapamura talaga ako, pati si ate namumura ko na rin [laughs]. Then, sobrang awkward na nung pinapahiran na ng soothing cream. Dahil medyo feel relieved na ako, napa-moan ako nang kaunti [laughs]. Nagkatitigan na lang kami tapos natahimik pareho.”

- KG, 22

Nagpa-brazilian wax ako para mas comfortable lalo na at balbon ako. Masakit talaga pero masasanay ka after ilang minutes. Ang masakit lang talaga ay iyong sa top area, iyong gilid kaya-kaya.”

- Rose, 24

“I've always been a hairy girl and I lean to shaving to remedy my natural situation. But my armpit and pubic hair grow quicker, thicker, and coarser because I shave. I've tried home-waxing but I know going to a professional waxing salon is the best option. I was scared and excited during my first time, but the wax technician assured me there's nothing wrong with the procedure. The pain is at least an 8 out of 10, but the results are worth it. The hair in those parts also grew thinner. I am so into hair waxing that I want to get the next best thing—laser hair removal!”

- Sherry, 22

"Nung una kasi di naman ako masyado interesado sa Brazilian Waxing. Feeling ko kasi masakit. Pero gusto ko ma-try since na-recommend siya ng friend ko, mas okay daw kaysa sa shaving. Mukha akong sea lion ‘don kasi sigaw ako nang sigaw sa sakit. Naririnig na ko sa ibang kwarto pero wala na ‘kong pake ‘nun, masakit talaga eh. Okay naman siya kaso awkward na ‘pag pinapa-dapa ka na para i-wax ‘yong butt area, sa baba ‘nong private part. ‘Yung nag-assist naman is very accommodating. She lets me rest ‘pag ‘di ko na kaya ‘yung pain and pina-feel niya naman na normal lang daw ‘yon. Sobrang sarap sa feeling na soft and parang skin ng bata. Maganda rin siyang tingnan ‘pag naka-panties ka or swim wear. Maganda rin ‘yung tubo ‘nung hair, hindi makati."

- Carol, 23

“Waxing is painful! It’s not for the faint-hearted. The first time I did Brazilian Waxing, I was so shocked, you’d have to spread your legs apart to get all the hair out. I wasn’t prepared for the pain, too. It was really awful, but after the first few pulls, you would get used to it. The pain is worth it, especially before a beach trip. Just always follow the instructions of your waxing aesthetician to avoid complications and have it done a few days before any sun and water exposure and you’re good to go hairless!”

- Anna, 44

Nagpa-brazilian wax ako kasi for hygiene dinsabi sa ‘kin nung nagpa-armpit wax ako before. Ang awkward ‘pag nakahubad na tapos ibubuka mo legs mo para makita nung nag-wa-wax. Funniest moment ‘yong halos ayoko ipa-pull ‘yong strip kasi natatakot ako sa sakit, kasi legit na masakit sya. Kahit pang-ilang pull na super sakit pa rin talaga. 'Di ko makalimutan ‘yong chini-chika pa ako ‘nong wax technician then bigla n’yang pinull tapos nagdugo kasi naipit ko ‘yong kamay n’ya ng hita ko. Tapos nagalit s’ya sa ‘kin [laughs].”

- Lene 23

“The first time I had a Brazillian wax, I felt really awkward because it involves exposing a private area to a stranger. But I then realized (with the help of my friends) that it’s normal for a waxing aesthetician to see butt-naked women all day, it’s their job. Regarding the pain, I have a very high tolerance on pain because I used to DIY wax my armpits in high school. So I know what kind of pain to expect and how to handle it. I recommend sugaring instead of waxing, it’s less painful because you don’t have to deal with hot wax, plus it’s environment friendly!”

- Pearl, 26

It’s important to feel good about your body regardless of how it looks and how other people see it. Body positivity is loving the whole part of yourself enough while being healthy. Know that being comfortable and not thriving on other people’s opinion is one way of showing body love. And if it’s waxing your body hair will regain your confidence, go for it. It’s your body and you all have the right for it.


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