Ego Travel: The rise of narcissistic holidaying

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED May 16, 2018 02:22 pm
Free stock photo from Pexels/Website

(Inside Manila) Traveling has always been a rewarding experience worth sharing over conversations, in photos and in this modern day, in social media. But, it seems like young people today better known as millennials are more concerned about the post-worthy parts of the destination for their social media accounts rather than the destination itself. This practice can be called "ego travel".

The term was coined in a recent report by popular western travel company Thomas Cook's Club 18-30 where it revealed that more young people are going for "Instagrammable" places rather than picking a destination for a rewarding vacation.

According to the report, half of the ages 18-25 years old are more concerned on choosing a visually pleasing hotel than the destination itself.

Furthermore, in a report by The Guardian, it cited qualities of an ego traveler: having carefully curated photos and selfies, pseudo-philosophical captions on fake candid travel photos, food photos and being a "master" photographer in their own mobile phone.

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