LOOK: This netizen shared an easy-to-make homemade ice cream recipe

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED May 16, 2018 11:03 am

(Inside Manila) Whether you're experiencing a humid or cold weather, nothing can beat the cold sweetness of an ice cream. Even if now the country is shifting to the wet season, a cup of it will still be a favorite.

And since you're in the subject why not, for a change, take your ice cream experience more on the do-it-yourself side and follow this netizen's viral recipe of an easy homemade strawberry ice cream that only needs the simplest ingredients and a pair of patient hands.

Based on the post, the ingredients are fresh strawberries (or any fruit you'd prefer), fresh milk, all-purpose cream, vanilla extract, white sugar, and salt.

According to the post by netizen Namieh Oya, the ingredients were their "in-house" ingredients that were stock in their refrigerator.

The recipe started out by prepping the strawberries before putting in the blender adding white sugar then purée it. She then adds a pinch of salt and vanilla extract to taste. Blend it again.

When it's all well blended, she added milk, all-purpose cream and blended it until it turns smooth.

The quite complicated and hard part for some is this: you have to stir the mixture until it has a sticky-like consistency. Namieh shared that using a mixer would do the job a lot faster.

After, she poured it into a plastic container and seals it with a cellophane plastic. She then freezes the mixture for hours.

And the results are quite satisfying because it actually proves anyone can actually make a homemade ice cream without the commitment of complicated kitchen machinery!

Are you set for this delicious recipe? Let us know!



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