Juan Miguel Severo's stage play 'Hintayan ng Langit' is set for the big screen!

Anne Marielle Eugenio
PUBLISHED May 15, 2018 01:30 pm

(Inside Manila) Lisang and Manolo of the stage play "Hintayan ng Langit" will soon be seen again, but this time, it would seem they are going to hit a different platform.

"Hintayan ng Langit", which is written by spoken word poet Juan Miguel Severo, is set to have a film adaptation, as hinted by "hugot director" Antoinette Jadaone.

"Coming soon!!! Written by [Juan Miguel Severo]. Directed by [Dan Villegas]. Produced by Project 8 cor. San Joaquin Projects," she posted on her Instagram stories along with a portion of the script.

No other details were revealed.

The play tells the story of Lisang and Manolo, two old flames who married different partners. When they died, they found themselves in the souls' "waiting station" before they go to heaven. As they reminisce their lives and argue, secrets are spilled between them.

“Hintayan ng Langit” was featured in the 2015 and 2016 Virgin Labfest, wherein real-life couple Nonoy Froilan and Edna Vida-Froilan played Manolo and Lisang, respectively. In 2015, it was performed in New York as a celebration for Buwan ng Wika.



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