International travel is good for you but bad for the environment, study says

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED May 8, 2018 02:25 pm
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(Inside Manila) Here's one sure thing when it comes to traveling today: it's actually good for you. Numerous studies have proven that going away for pleasure once in a while is good for the health; giving you a positive body image, lessening your risk to a threatening disease, and more. It all comes down to a conclusion that traveling is good for the soul.

Unfortunately, this benefit is not for all as a recent study reveals that traveling increases carbon emission which takes a toll on the environment.

In a recent study by Nature Climate Change, it reported that 'wanderlust' is responsible for about 8% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions

"We knew our number would come out higher because our analysis was more comprehensive, but to come out as 8% that was really eye-opening," said Arunima Malik, the study’s lead researcher from the University of Sydney in Australia in a report by Los Angeles Times.

According to the study, air and hotel travel are not just the contributors of greenhouse gases but what tourists eat, clothes and gifts they buy in every destination are contributes too.

A hard task to do

Conscientious travelers might find it hard to both stop their travel altogether in order to not add up to carbon emission to the environment.

Moreover, this move can also have bad results to those livelihoods are based on tourism.

Malik advises to do certain tasks in order to make up for the effects of traveling; planting trees can be a big help but there should be an assurance that it will be maintained.

"Exploring new places and new things — that's a happy kind of thing," Malik said. "We just want people to realize that it's also responsible for carbon emissions," she added.



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