Inside Manila Release Radar:

New Music This April

by Maria Romero, April 16, 2019 4:15pm

Art by Dani Elevazo


Inside Manila Release Radar: New Music This April

by Maria Romero, April 16, 2019 4:15pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

From love songs to electro-pop bop, April has surprised us with diverse new songs and even unexpected collaborations! And as always, our homegrown artists didn’t disappoint in providing top-notch music.

Here are the best and latest tracks under our radar this month.

‘Orasan’ by Any Name’s Okay
‘Wag mo akong kakalimutan

“Orasan” is Any Name’s Okay’s latest single following the release of “Hawaiian” and “Clouds” last year. “Orasan”, a song about making the most of one’s time, is perfect for an intimate and emotional waltz dance. To support their new track, the five-piece indie-pop band is releasing a music video on May 3 at Jess and Pat’s.

‘Sahara’ by crwn feat. August Wahh
Dance in my soul

Producer, songwriter, and beatmaker crwn teamed up with independent singer August Wahh for their latest and groovy single “Sahara.” This track invites listeners to enjoy the eternal bliss summer brings. Its groovy bursts and electro RnB vibe are hard to miss—a classic crwn beat.

‘Huling Sandali’ by December Avenue
Darating din ang gabing walang pipigil sa atin

Before the Tayo Sa Huling Buwan ng Taon hits the cinemas this May 8, Pinoy band December Avenue released the official soundtrack of the film, “Huling Sandali.” Much like the movie, this new track is about freeing one’s feelings towards another and waiting for the right time for such feelings to bloom.

‘Subdivision’ by Cheats
I’d be happy imagining no one’s at fault

To support their upcoming Ultramilk EP, Cheats dedicated the 10th day of every month as Cheats Day, where they will drop new songs. This April, they released “Subdivision,” a song about taking account of one’s mistake.

‘Steps’ by Garage Morning
It feels so good because you won’t leave

After their release of “I’ve Got You” last year, the four-piece bandGarage Morning released another single this year. “Steps” is about supporting the people you love despite any circumstance. So far, this song is the catchiest one the band has ever written. Currently, the band is working on their upcoming EP with producer Nick Lazaro at La Balls Studio.

‘Oh, Christian!’ by Ciudad
Pinch me, I’m farther from the one who brought me

Another Ciudad song is out now. “Oh, Christian!” is a lively song and a reminder that maybe it’s about time to pinch yourselves because you might be "sailing farther from the one who brought you here." 

‘Break Silence’ by Mark Redito
It’s okay if you know something’s better for you

Filipino-American singer Mark Reditocollaborated with Shel Bee, a singer-songwriter from California for his latest offering. “Break Silence” is about letting go of things that aren’t meant for you and knowing what’s better for your welfare.

Did your new favorite song make it to the list? Hit us up in the comment section below if we missed new local songs! Stream our full playlist here:


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