25% of Grab drivers will no longer see trip destination

Darryl Esguerra
PUBLISHED April 25, 2018 09:25 am
Photo: Getty Images

(Inside Manila) One in every four Grab drivers will no longer see a passenger's destination before accepting the booking starting Friday, April 27. 

According to reports, this will be implemented to the 25% of Grab drivers with low acceptance rates. Grab also said that they’re applying the new feature in an effort to “reduce selective behavior" of its drivers.

The development came after several patrons of the ride-sharing app aired their grievances via social media, complaining about the increasing instances of drivers canceling.

Grab will also roll out an auto-accept feature that allocates jobs automatically to drivers to allow a more seamless experience in continuously accepting passenger requests. This will also be implemented come Friday.

However, Grab clarifies that drivers will still be able to see passenger location prior pickup during the later hours of the evening to very early mornings for the safety of its drivers.

In addition, passengers would be required to provide correct and complete account information. They can also link their account to social media platforms.



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