Games to Play To

Throw an Unforgettable Viewing


by Erika Lagunzad, April 15, 2019 4:10pm

Art by Allen Mirambel


Games to Play To Throw an Unforgettable Viewing Party

by Erika Lagunzad, April 15, 2019 4:10pm
Art by Allen Mirambel

If you've spent half of your life waiting for the new season of your favorite TV Series, and the other half binge-watching it, it's a hard "same" for us. While waiting for the next season of your favorite TV Show, or to keep the spirits higher, we got you covered with fun TV series-related games we found on the internet. Call your friends, ready your hearts and drinks, and enjoy these game ideas:


Inspired by a popular American answer-and-question quiz show, "Jeopardy" can easily be replicated and customized. Each topic has five categories with five different point levels ranging from 100 to 500. The mechanics to "Jeopardy" is simple, pick a category and point level, the first contestant or the person to raise their hand first must respond in the form of a question. An incorrect response deducts the value from the team’s score and gives any remaining opponent(s) the opportunity to answer in and respond.

Give this How I Met Your Mother Jeopardy quiz a try. It's best played with teams.


Think traditional bingo but instead of numbers, it's predicted scenes from your favorite TV series. We've created a Game of Thrones-themed one for you to try, mark a box every time something on your card happens, and when you get five in a row, scream “Dracarys!”

Death Pool
Warning: Game of Thrones Spoilers ahead!

For every G fan out there (or any TV series for this matter), Reddit is a comforting place to fill the hole in waiting for the new season of a TV series. The Reddit community is a treasure trove of fan theories and discussions. You can also find gems such as this Game of Thrones "Death Pool." A Redditor, known as Max,posted on Reddit a sheet that a boss came up with to play with his office mates—we stan a geek and creative boss at work. This sheet concerns the fates of nearly every character left alive in the Game of Thrones' final season. The instructions are as follows according to the sheet.

  1. Predict if each character will be alive or dead at the end of Season 8, Get 1 point for each correct answer.
  2. If you predict the character dead, you have the option to predict if they will become a White Walker. Gain one extra point if you correctly predict they will become a White Walker.  Lose a point if you mispredict White Walker status.
  3. Correctly answer bonus questions for more points.
  4. Entry with the most points wins the entire pool. Submit up to 2 pool entries per person by April 13. Pool entry fee is $10.00.

You can download the printable version here.

Drinking Game

Whether you’re hosting a viewing party or binge-watching on a Friday night JOMO style, a TV-series inspired drinking game can help lift the spirits up a notch. The rules are simple, pick a character quirk or instances that happen on screen, and drink if it happens. Take this Big Bang Theory style for example:

You can go as far as assigning a sip, shot, or chug depending on every situation. Better yet, create your own rules, your creativity (and alcohol tolerance) is the limit.

Mustache Game

We all need childish humor now and then, and this mustache game is just the right amount of comical and genius. Print out a mustache shape, stick it on the screen while you watch an episode, and if the mustache hits just right on the character’s face—everybody drinks!

Watching a favorite TV series is always more fun in the company of people as ~nerdy~ and invested in it as you. Do you have other game suggestions you’d love to share with fellow manillennials? Let us know below!


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