A redefined ‘Buhay Carinderia’ will shine a brighter spotlight on Filipino favorites

Jace Amodo
PUBLISHED April 14, 2018 01:07 pm
Photos by Jace Amodo/Inside Manila

(Inside Manila) When the news broke that Madrid Fusion Manila is not pushing through, fans of the famed gastronomy congress, especially those who followed it for the past three years, were hardly impressed. Eventually, the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) revealed that it is assessing the possibility of staging the event later this year. For now, the TPB has found a platform to fit the empty shoe: Buhay Carinderia.

Carinderias and their affordable home-cooked Filipino specialties have become an integral part of this country’s culinary and social identity. Recognizing the fact that this “plebeian pleasure” continues to uplift the lives of some three million Filipinos and their families, the TPB has offered its full support and designed it to be much bigger and grander.

“A lot of us are slowly realizing that the home-cooked creations these carinderias serve form an important part of their community’s culture,” TPB Chief Operating Officer Cesar Montano said during the media launch of Buhay Carinderia on April 11 at Rizal Park Hotel Manila.

“If one looks closely, a number of them are traditional cuisines that are passed down from one generation to the next. Interestingly, a number of their cooks, when they have to move someplace else, were able to bring the cooking style of their respective towns to their new place and as a result, preserved their food culture,” he adds.

TPB COO Cesar Montano

Region I’s Bagnet, Region IV-A’s Bulalo, Region V’s Bicol Express—the list of scrumptious regional dishes in the Philippines goes on and on. Marylindbert International, Inc. acknowledged just that in 2011 through a unique advocacy called Carinderia Fiesta. This year, it returns strong as ‘Buhay Carinderia…Redefined’ as it is set to scour the whole country in search for the best of the best in the culinary scene.

First to be visited will be 15 provinces from Northern Luzon. Local culinary experts will eventually gather for a two-day exposition at Vigan Convention Center from June 28 to 29 to showcase their talents and mentor select students in the search for Philippine Tourism Millennial Ambassadors.

The same framework will be followed in Central Luzon, Bicol, Visayas, and Mindanao. After all region’s respective culminating events, ‘Buhay Carinderia…Redefined’ will stage its biggest culinary exposition in November where all the regional bests will be showcased under one roof.”

Linda Legaspi of Marylindbert International, Inc.

Linda Legaspi of Marylindbert International, Inc. during the launch said that gastronomy is one of the fastest-growing reasons for people to travel. “These days, anyone could notice the focus of many tourists has changed from the classic ‘must-see’ physical sights such as natural wonders or monuments, towards a ‘must-experience’ imperative to consume intangible expressions of culture.”

More than just a showcase of Filipino expertise, acumen, and brilliance, ‘Buhay Carinderia…Redefined’ aims to be a venue for the country to contribute to the culinary world.



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