Telltale signs that you're already a ‘Tita of Manila’

Inside Manila
PUBLISHED April 13, 2018 12:59 pm

(Inside Manila) No Filipino can deny the fact that their aunt or "Tita" has a special place in their hearts. Much like our dear grandparents, Titas are most likely the generous relatives in the family: spoils you with money every family reunion or holidays and gives you things you least expect.

Nowadays, being a Tita refers to the space between your teenage years and adulthood. It is when you begin to see the changes from your interests to your choice of drink in the bar to which flip-flop you want to don during a casual walk with your amigas. 

Initially, when a Tita looks for the proper flip-flops, a modest rubber "tsinelas" does not easily entice her. So, if you find yourself in the hunt for flip-flops with these signs below in mind, then maybe you're on your way to becoming one.

A Tita seeks a comfortable wear above all

A true Tita of Manila would never exchange a comfortable wear to anything else. In this day and age where traffic and commuting lasts for hours, they seek for every level of support: a lightweight, long-lasting, heat absorbent, and non-slip flip-flops that protect their feet wherever they go.

Comfort Footwear Collection

A Tita always buys with quality in mind

If you find yourself doing quality checks on every edge of a flip-flop you’re about to buy, you’re probably turning into one proud Tita. A true Tita of Manila knows that flip-flops should be made of materials ideal for the rainy and sunny days in the country.

Smooth Walking Collection

A true Tita finds pleasure in affordable buy

A Tita is practical too, that's why discounted things appeal more to her now more than ever. And no Tita of Manila will say no to a quality buy at a bargained price.

Always Affordable Footwear Collection

A Tita looks for a flip-flop she can wear in many occasions

If you find yourself wearing flip-flops whether it's for a quick errand, for casual meet-ups or just simply walking outdoors then maybe it's time to take the pledge and accept you're now a Tita.

Evergreen Footwear Collection

A Tita of Manila is a stylish one

What makes a Tita of Manila different among her predecessors? It's because she's a style icon in her own right. Her outfit is uncomplicated, the same goes for her footwear which is nothing but comfort, elegance and pretty that can go in any outfit she pulls off.

Pretty and Relaxed Footwear Collection

Today, "Tita knows best" is not just a statement but a fact. And among these telltale signs, all Titas of Manila can trust Aeroblu Philippines’ products for footwear that accentuates style and quality.

Aeroblu footwear is made of Polyurethane (PU), ideal for the wet and dry season of the country. It’s lightweight, long-lasting, nonslip and with heat-absorbing factors that give an overall protection to your feet anytime, anywhere. With prices ranging from Php 249.75 to Php 499.75, Aeroblu should be one of Titas of Manila’s go-to footwear brands.

Aeroblu’s footwear is available in All Major Department Stores including SM Hypermarket, SM Supermarket, and Savemore stores nationwide!

For more details, visit Aeroblu Philippines’ Official Facebook Page.



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