This couple got around five Asian countries for only P15,000!

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED April 11, 2018 03:33 pm | UPDATED April 11, 2018 03:14 pm
Photos from MeaKryztine Aquiviano/Facebook

(Inside Manila) Traveling out of the country is rewarding, beneficial even to one's health. However, it's one of life's pleasure where one really needs to save up before and even budget during the trip to avoid mishaps while out of the country.

This is the very reason why travel promos like seat sales and piso-fares are a magnet to travel aficionados who don't want to break the bank that much.

Remarkably, this couple put all those promos to shame as they backpack for 17 days in 5 different countries in Asia and spent no more than P20,000!

In a Facebook post, MeaKryztine Aquiviano shared how she traveled to Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia and only spent P15,118.50 for the whole trip.

The Pinay traveler advised that she's a hunter for promo fares and advised that staying at a backpacker's inn would greatly lessen the expenses for accommodation.

She shared that she set aside P15,000 - P20,000 for food, entrance fees and souvenirs.

"I always believe na ung magagastos mo sa travel mo ay magdedepende kung gaano ka katakaw kumain, where you want to go and what you want to buy and experience. YES, it will always depend on you and on the present situation," wrote Aquiviano.

She also advised that you really need to save up some good amount of money to make the best out of their own travel.

“But just always remember you can always make money. Ang importante you will have the best time of your life and the best memories to cherish that soon will become stories to tell. So ipon now and Enjoy later!” Aquiviano wrote as an advice to those who want to follow her travel tips.



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