C-section facts that will make you appreciate mothers even more

Sherry Tadeja
PUBLISHED April 10, 2018 03:52 pm
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(Inside Manila) Unbeknownst to many, the month of April is also celebrated as "C Section Awareness Month" the move aims to raise the general public's awareness about a cesarean type of giving birth and support mothers who have sacrificed both their lives to give way for a safe birth of their infants.

So, what does a C-section delivery imply? And how does it physically and mentally change a mother's overall health? Here are quick facts.

C-Section is often carried out when a vaginal birth is a higher risk

A woman and her child are at most risk when it's in the final hours to give birth as the status of the child inside may affect how the doctors will carry it out. Often, when a woman is already losing energy due to hours of labor, the woman or the doctors can advise her to go for a C-Section delivery.

There are permanent bodily changes some points out after a C-Section birth

Some women reported that pregnancy alone isn't the only factor that can make certain changes in their body, C-section is said to be one too. Increase in breast size, visible stretch marks, widening of the hips, damage to the organs and the skin. Scars in the abdomen are other few of the noticeable changes after a C-section birth.


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Even after the c section, a woman might face greater health risk

Reports reveal that a mother is at greater risk of infection, blood clots, excessive bleeding, and more post-partum pain after a cesarean birth.

A woman may also find it hard to get back to her pre-pregnancy status

Not only does a woman is exposed to all these health issues and risk—she also might not hastily have back her pre-pregnancy body, as metabolism is widely affected due to pregnancy. Changes in sexual sensitivity and bladder function also occur.


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