Attention, Book Lovers: Booksale is here to stay

Jace Amodo
PUBLISHED April 6, 2018 04:23 pm
Photo from Wikimedia Commons

(Inside Manila) With rumors spreading that affordable bookstore chain Booksale is closing shop or that it has been sold to new proprietors, bibliophiles can’t help but feel gloomy. Having reached their attention, the management of Booksale has finally spoken.

“BOOKSALE is alive and well and is committed to its corporate mission of making reading affordable as it has done the past 35 years,” Booksale management Visual Mix, Inc. and Booksale Cebu, Inc. said in a statement.

Booksale admitted that the economy and the business environment in which it operates have seen dramatic changes in the past 20 years. These “insurmountable obstacles” include unreasonable store rental rates, salaries, wages, and the tripling or quadrupling of operating costs in the span of its service.

Albeit these changes seem impossible to take on, Booksale remains unmoved and confident in bringing affordable reading to Filipinos. “We just could not raise our prices proportionately or we’ll be remiss in our corporate mission,” the statement continues. Instead, it is optimizing their operations and searching for better suppliers and talking to local and international parties.

Booksale, known for selling unused and pre-loved books and magazines at a low price, is a homegrown store that has played a part in many Filipino lives. The debunking of the “fake news” has since garnered thousands of relieved statements from loyal customers.



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