Messy Bessy: Changing the

World, One Sustainable Product

at a Time

by Maria Romero, April 11, 2019 4:40pm

Art by Dani Elevazo


Messy Bessy: Changing the World, One Sustainable Product at a Time

by Maria Romero, April 11, 2019 4:40pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

Sustainability is being embraced by a growing number of retailers as a strategy to save expenses and satisfy the demands of consumers and the planet. With the rise of conscious consumers, more retailers are now exploring ways to find alternatives to plastics to reduce carbon footprints.

But what is sustainability? Is it limited to going green? Messy Bessy, a line of organic household and personal care products, has a new approach to it.

What is Messy Bessy?

Those who want to extend a helping hand to people in need usually set up a foundation. But Kristina “Krie” Reyes-Lopez established business instead. Not only did she make a gamble in commerce, but she employed also at-risk youths to help her with her business and that’s how Messy Bessy Cleaners Inc. came to life.

The Little Warrior Sanitizers on display. Photo by Jhang Dalanon/Inside Manila

Messy Bessy is a brand that represents authenticity and fun while being responsible for the environment and the community. Unlike popular commercial products, they offer a line of goods using only organic ingredients such as tea leaves, coconut oil, and eucalyptus to name a few—no fillers, no bubble-makers, no colors, and no artificial scents. Despite using pure organic materials, they make sure their products can compete with chemical-based ones. The brand believes if a product doesn’t do the job in cleaning, then it doesn’t belong to anyone’s home.

The Messy Bessy team is making collective efforts to create the best recipes to make sure everything is green, effective, and authentic.

The Little Doctor Lip Balm. Photo by Jhang Dalanon/Inside Manila

“We do like to play around with the product in terms of functionality. We try to be practical and we try to have each product more than one function,” Krie explained. For instance, their best-seller "The Little Warrior" sanitizer is essential in our day-to-day whereabouts. It can sanitize your hands, clean your desk, and you can even use it as a cologne. As for Krie, this is their effort to make lives simpler because the more versatile the product, the greener it is.

Sustainability is an obligation. Photo by Jhang Dalanon/Inside Manila

Krie believes that living a sustainable life is a responsibility. This is why they chose to help curb Metro Manila’s problem with plastics through their products.

“Our country is very receptive to green brands. But we don’t think this is the trend, we think this is the common sensical thing to do. That’s why we’re doing it because we believe in it hoping others will believe in it the way we do,” Krie said.

As one of the top producers of plastics in the world, it’s only necessary for Filipinos to strive to win a zero-waste revolution even through bare minimum actions like using metal and bamboo straws. With that, choosing Messy Bessy means choosing earth. But just because their products are organic doesn’t mean they’re expensive. In fact, they are economical and won’t cause any harm to your health.

Kristina “Krie” Reyes-Lopez, Messy Bessy founder. Photo by Jhang Dalanon/Inside Manila

But aside from helping the planet, Messy Bessy is in business to also help improve the lives of at-risk young adults in our community. It came from Krie’s initial project, HOUSE or Helping Ourselves Through Sustainable Enterprises. It was established in 2007 for the main purpose of providing education, employment, and rehabilitation for the at-risk (formerly abused, trafficked, incarcerated, and impoverished) young adults. With this business venture, she aimed to topple down socio-economic challenges by building the self-esteem of their workers while aiming to live a sustainable life.  

Workers at Messy Bessy packaging area. Photo by Jhang Dalanon/Inside Manila

Messy Bessy receives referrals from their partner foundations and communities for the kids they grant scholarship and work. Around 70% of their kids are from Tondo, Manila. There are “reverse qualifications” as Krie called it for the kids. They only have to have the willingness to work and study to become part of the program. 

“The choice of making Messy Bessy a sustainable brand is a conscious effort in our part, especially with dealing with the young adults because by doing so all of us here are part of something bigger than ourselves,” Krie shared.

The young adults at Messy Bessy came from an environment where they were taught to look out for themselves only. But since working at Messy Bessy, they became part of something that creates greener and safer alternatives for homes or families. They are now part of giving back to society as supposed to be the ones always on the receiving end.

Sustainability isn’t all about going green

We’ve known sustainability to be something synonymous to going green but for a brand like Messy Bessy, who is serious in making a societal impact with what they do, sustainability goes beyond the green side of the business. It’s about designing a program that will not require too many resources to sustain the impact they’re making, so the young adults will know how to be independent, responsible, and to be functional members of society.

“Sustainability for us is something very big, it goes above and beyond the greenness our products,” Krie said.

Currently, Messy Bessy is able to take in as many as 70 young adults in the program. This 2019, Krie hopes to open more kiosks and become more distributed in the country. She also wishes to come up with Messy Doggie and Messy Kids for she believes they have more potential. Currently, they have refilling stations located at Power Plant Mall, Venice Grand Canal Mall, and Uptown Mall BGC. Maybe soon we can also see another Filipino products offshore.

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword. The Philippines, which isthird of the largest contributors of plastics in the world’s oceans, it's only imperative to strive to be sustainable. If sustainability efforts gain critical mass and mandated by law, then it will no longer be a consumer trend or competitive advantage, but a necessary requirement to survive. And luckily, Messy Bessy took huge steps toward winning the zero-waste revolution.

Messy Bessy is available online at Shopee,Lazada,Beauty MNL,Beauty Bar, Adobomall, and Shopinas. For more information, or follow Messy Bessy onFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.


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