5 reasons why you’re going to love Lick Iced Tea

Jace Amodo
PUBLISHED March 28, 2018 11:29 am
Photos by Shara Mae Balce and Mark Renacido/Inside Manila

(Inside Manila) If there’s one constant need, let alone profitable, in tropical countries, that’s a cold beverage. May it be the widely-consumed soda, sports drinks, or iced coffees and teas, as long as it will keep us Filipinos cool during the hot season, we will drink it. There are a lot of options in the market and choosing what to buy is quite a quandary. Here, we give you five reasons to try out Lick Iced Tea, a new player in the local flavored tea industry that’ll soon to be your favorite thirst-quencher.

Made for you

Since the wide array of iced tea brands in the local market seem to target the majority of the Filipinos through their affordable price and easy-to-carry bottles, premium-looking beverage of its kind is a teardrop in the ocean. But after spending years of conceptualization and production, Lick Iced Tea found itself on the list of preferred drinks of the business line’s rarely targeted market: the young professionals and the titos and titas.

The influence of foodie culture on younger consumers is reportedly high, making the millennials somewhat the tastemakers of the industry. It helps that its appearance is an attention-grabber. At first glance, one can notice that the visually striking packaging resembles that of the imported brands. And in our generation, who doesn’t appreciate a good design?

A healthier option

Fruits, as we all know, have many significant contents: vitamins, minerals, potassium and much more. Lick’s main ingredients, on the other hand, are green and black teas, which are popularly used as an antioxidant drink. This intention is made possible by the teas’ catechin content, a type of "disease-fighting flavonoid." If you ever wondered what good soaking a tea bag in hot water for a long time does, it is to get more flavonoids in the brew, thus a greater ability to pull out toxins from the body.

There are many teas in the market that provide this health supplement, but not so much when it comes to iced teas. It’s not a secret that most iced teas have sugar content in it—it’s actually a necessity. Green and black teas are bitter to begin with, which is why some people don’t prefer tea. But Lick here, aiming to be a pioneer in glass-bottled guilt-free iced teas, prides itself with way less sugar and calorie content compared to other brands.

Naturally sweetened

There’s a low sugar content, and then there’s Stevia, a natural substitute for sugar with absolutely no calories. Lick uses the more expensive type of this plant so as to reduce, if not completely remove, the bitter aftertaste. Each bottle is naturally sweetened with Stevia Plant Extract, making each bottle healthier by the grams and sweeter by the sip.

Surprisingly, its sweetness remains the same, and it complements well with the five different flavors.

Five flavors to choose from

Currently, Lick has five flavors: lemon, peach, apple, raspberry, and huckleberry.

Lemon, being the “grandfather of iced teas,” can’t miss Lick’s selection of iced teas. Name one brand in this market and you’ll probably age thinking. What’s unique about their version is that it has a cool twist in it, literally. It has a menthol kick that leaves a cool aftertaste. Its noticeable black and gold label decidedly sets itself apart from the other four flavors, which goes to say that it is, no doubt, a must-try.

Peach isn’t that popular in the Philippines and not many Filipinos embrace this fruit, but maybe Lick's version could be an exception. You would want its aroma inside your home as it is, as a matter of fact, the fruitiest among others.

Red Apples are a crowd-favorite when it comes to iced teas, but Lick wants to go out of the usual. With the green apple, sweet and sour team up and does not overpower each other.

Raspberry is one of the bestsellers. If you think about it, brands with this kind of flavor in their selection are a one-notch higher from those without. It’s a tad bit sweeter but easy enough for the buds to make you let out a sigh of satisfaction.

Huckleberry is Lick’s proudest flavor as it is original and rare. It smells like candy and tastes like candy.

Locally produced

While the Stevia plant came from South America and processed in Malaysia, everything else is manufactured in the Philippines. For example, the sugar comes from the sugar canes of Negros. After sourcing the ingredients in Manila, they are delivered in Laguna for the making of the magic.

At Lick Iced Tea’s core is a brilliant concept, rivalling other known brands with its masterfully crafted and locally produced products—something that could compete globally. With this concept comes Lick’s gradual popularity in the market; so well-received that this South Carolina Beverages-owned brand is extending its products to snack foods. One of which is the Madagascar Peanuts, which is like the typical sungsung mani but with a vanilla sweet flavor.

Why Lick, you ask? The term encompasses two things: the effect of seeing something delicious one is about to enjoy; and the immediate response after a satisfying drink. True enough, this thirst-quencher is a lip-licking iced tea that is sure to cool us off.

Drink up ‘til the last drop. Beat the summer heat. Lick Iced Tea is available on the following stores: Landmark Supermarkets, Quincy Supermarkets, Shoppers’ Mart, Breadtalk Philippines, Famous Kitchen, La Spezia MNL, The Green Company, Sunshine Fruitbar, Tazza Café, Craft Coffee, Coffee Habit, Paper+Cup, Octoboy, Tin Hok Chinese Deli, Templo Szechuan Modern Fusion Restaurant, Megawatt, and Red Baron Ribs and Steaks.



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