Philippines among countries with the most number of billionaires

Darryl Esguerra
PUBLISHED March 26, 2018 08:46 am

(Inside Manila) If the US is the country with the most billionaires, where else do the world’s wealthiest hang their hats? Well, a small number of them hang out here in the Philippines. That is according to US-based title lending company TitleMax’s infographic of the “Top 25 Countries with the most Billionaires”, putting the Philippines at the 25th seed.

The US topped the list with 565 billionaires, China followed suit at the second place with 319. The third spot goes to Germany with 114.

The Philippines, on the other hand, took the 25th spot with 14 billionaires. This means that there is a billionaire in every 7,378,571 Filipinos.

The list put Amazon’s Jeff Bezos at the top with $110.7 billion net worth.  For the Philippines, Henry Sy of SM Group is the Philippines’ richest man with a net worth of $21.7 billion.

Overall, there are 1,550 total billionaires across the globe, according to UBS. Only eight of them own the same amount of wealth as half of the population of the world. Those are Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Amancio Ortega, Mark Zuckerberg, Carlos Slim, Larry Ellison, and Michael Bloomberg.

In the world’s current 7.6 billion population, billionaires represent roughly 0.000002039%.

And that is quite a different breed.

See the full infographics below:

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