Alex Eduque: Providing early childhood education through MovEd

Louella Tangpuz, Trainee
PUBLISHED March 23, 2018 03:06 pm | UPDATED March 24, 2018 08:33 am
Photo by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

(Inside Manila) Once or twice a month, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) conducts talks that inspire each individual to become an inspiration and a source of joy for others. This is through the Brew Your Best Year by Caring Cup Conversations, where stories and experience are shared to encourage everyone to be the best version of themselves.

Change is something vital in our lives. And to inspire others to follow suit in an advocacy that can help out your fellow, it drives you to do more and give more. This is what Alex Eduque, MovEd’s founder, delivered in her talk.

Molding Optimism and Values through Education (MovEd) serves families and their children around 3-5 years old. MovEd prepares them for kindergarten before they enter the local school system. They envisioned for every Filipino child to have quality early childhood education with a mission to provide early childhood care and development programs. These programs are centered in marginalized communities where getting education at an early age is difficult. MovEd’s purpose is for children to have the foundation to succeed in school.

Alex talked about the things she learned throughout the process of building her organization. One of the notable things she said was that passion is what you always come back to during the hard days. She said it’s good to revisit your passion every now and then.

Her passion to help kids get education at an early age helped 695 families. Every student has a budget of PHP 1,000 per month. Next school year, she plans to expand to 1,130 students.

Every day is an opportunity to grow. It’s a choice. Touching people’s lives is one of them. The ability to give and help out is just one step towards a fulfilling and meaningful life.




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