Game of Thrones Theories

We Need to Prove

in Season 8

by Pearl Bacasmas, April 11, 2019 2:55pm

Art by Dani Elevazo


Game of Thrones Theories We Need to Prove in Season 8

by Pearl Bacasmas, April 11, 2019 2:55pm
Art by Dani Elevazo

We endured The Long Night—about a year and eight months after the Season 7 finale of Game of Thrones. The hit drama, based on George R. R. Martin’s fantasy series, returns for its eighth and final season, and its impending conclusion has everyone wondering how the saga will end—more importantly, who will survive?

We know many of our favorite Game of Thrones characters won’t be getting happy endings. There’s a ton to speculate about who will sit on the Iron Throne by the time the dust (or snow) settles. So as we approach that bitter end, we’ve rounded up a collection of our favorite fan theories we need answers to this season:

Jon Snow is Azor Ahai, or the Warrior of Light or The Prince Who Was Promised

The R+L=J theory was proved last season. Now we can move on to the next biggest theory, whether Jon Snow is the "Warrior of Light" or "The Prince Who Was Promised," the one who will save the world from grave darkness. In Melisandre’s prophecy, the Prince Who Was Promised will have the blood of the dragon and will be reborn in smoke and salt (in the books, Jon Snow’s wounds were of smoke and his fellow Night’s Watchmen cried over him signifying the salt). Whenever Melisnadre looks into the fires for Azor, she’s only seen things to do with snow, which can’t be a coincidence.

Jaime will kill Cersei

We solidified this theory at the end of Season 7 when Jaime left King’s Landing, changing his allegiance (and perhaps his heart). This theory was based on Maggy the Frog’s prophecy to Cersei: she will marry a king (check), become a queen (check), have three children all with blonde hair, and watch all of them die (check, check, and check).

In the books, another prediction was said that Cersei will die by the hands of “the Valonqar,” which means a little brother in Valyrian. With parts of the prophecy fulfilled, it’s likely to come true this season. Fans are betting on Tyrion, but let’s not forget Jaime is younger than Cersei by a few minutes.

Bran Stark is the Night King

This is one of the most popular and hard to miss theories. What if Bran damaged part of the timeline including himself? He did it with Hodor's mental state; some argue he also "warged" into King Aerys which drove him mad. What if he "warged" into Bran the Builder to build The Wall because he already knew about the damage he’d done? What if Bran affected other key events in the timeline?

Time travel has a way of making anything and everything possible (hello, X-Men franchise.) What if they pull a Twilight: Breaking Dawn on us?

A Dance of Dragons

In Game of Thrones lore and history, an event called a "Dance of Dragons" happened during the Targaryen civil war when two Targaryen brothers fought it out on the Westerosi sky for their claim to the Iron Throne. Only one came out alive (tbh, we couldn’t handle any dragon deaths at this point.)

Many fans are curious if the writers of the show will include this battle. We have two Targaryens in the show, right? Will there be a Jon versus Daenerys battle? Though an ice dragon versus two of his former brothers battling it out sounds more epic—and more tragic.

Samwell Tarly is writing A Song of Ice and Fire

The Song of Ice and Fire, where the Game of Thrones series is based on, was inspired by The Lord of the Rings series where Bilbo Baggins, the original narrator of the series wrote his adventures in a book called There And Back Again. This has led fans to theorize that Samwell Tarly is narrating the Game of Thrones.

His fascination with the Citadel’s library underlines the writing connection. Given that Samwell Tarly’s character is very scholarly, it's not far from true that he could narrate the Game of Thrones events. Fans are also curious about the chandelier in the library and the Maesters’ magnifying glasses that can also be seen in the Game of Thrones’ opening credits which signifies a Maester (maybe Samwell himself?) is retelling the events from the perspective of someone who survived them.

Sansa will take the Iron Throne

Has the series been molding Sansa to be the queen of the Seven Kingdoms all this time? She was not the naive little girl who once dreamed of marrying the King; she is the hardened and wise "Lady of Winterfell" who knows what it takes to rule—having Petyr Baelish as a mentor/manipulator, who knows what she can do?

Arya will become Lady Stoneheart

The showrunners ignored this part of the book which disappointed many fans. Lady Stoneheart was a revived zombie version of Lady Catelyn Stark in the books, Though the showrunners have a hobby of combining book storylines in one character, some fans have come up with the theory that Catelyn’s storyline might be passed on to one of her daughters.

The traumatic events and dramatic transformations of Arya in the show parallels Catelyn Stark’s storyline earlier in the show. In the books, Catelyn’s body was dumped in the Green Fork River and was pulled out of the water by Arya’s direwolf Nymeria. Coincidence? We think not.

Whatever Season 8 might bring, one thing’s for sure, not all characters will survive and wreak havoc on our emotions. Share your favorite fan theories below!


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