Panglao, Bohol is given only 6 months to demolish illegal establishments

Maria Romero
PUBLISHED March 22, 2018 11:40 am

Alona Beach is located in Panglao, Bohol. It was named after actress Alona Alegre who filmed a movie with FPJ at the resort in 1973. But today, it is suffering from environmental damage due to illegal establishments. Photo from Alona Beach Guide/Website.

(Inside Manila) As an archipelago of more than 7,000 islands, The Philippines takes pride of its breath-taking beaches. But sadly, these natural sceneries are gradually turning into dreaded spectacles. That's why the government is taking every necessary effort to preserve its riches.

Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu thus gave owners of illegal structures and businesses in Panglao, Bohol only six months to demolish it or else they would be forced to file legal charges against them. Or worse, businesses will totally cease its operations and the town will be shut down from tourists.

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After inspecting Alona Beach on Tuesday, March 20, Cimatu found out that 87 establishments exceeded the 20-meter easement zone in Bolod, Danao, Libaong, and Tawala in Panglao and Bingag in Dauis.

Alona Beach is a strand named after actress Alona Alegre who starred in the movie “Esteban” with Fernando Poe Jr. which was filmed in the resort in 1973.

Aside from that, Cimatu also ordered the demolition of an ongoing construction of a 12-storey beachfront hotel on Alona Beach as it violates the municipal zoning ordinance and the Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

The secretary, however, did not inspect wastewater facilities and septic tanks in Panglao's establishments. But as of March 7, there are 344 identified establishments in the town without valid wastewater discharge permit.

Meanwhile, property owners are claiming that the environment department had required a different easement zone measurement several years ago that's why they were allowed to put up structures in those areas. But they affirmed that they would comply with the order.

Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Ernesto Pernia, who was with Cimatu during the inspection, said that they are serious and eager to clean Panglao.

Pernia also urged the resort owners and government officials to be "more watchful and vigilant" in imposing regulations that are meant to sustain the environment.

The time is ticking. As Filipinos, we are all obligated to take good care of it, sustain its beauty, and preserve it for the next generations to come.



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